Verstappen world champion in Singapore, if…

Leading the world championship with a comfortable lead over Charles Leclerc, the Dutchman could be crowned at the end of the Singapore Grand Prix, five races before the end.

Last year, he waited until the last lap of the last race to be crowned Formula 1 world champion. But this season, Dutchman Max Verstappen could become one after the Singapore Grand Prix this Sunday (2 p.m.) , five races from the end, with a 116-point lead (the ranking here) over his closest pursuer, Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), poleman on the grid.

There are different scenarios that would allow the Red Bull driver, who will have to work hard since he will start from eighth position at the start, to win the crown. In any case, he will have to win the Grand Prix and the 25 points that go with it. But setting the fastest lap in the race earns an extra point, and that would be a slight game-changer. Explanations.

If Verstappen wins the Grand Prix with the fastest lap

In this case, he would pocket 26 points, which would force Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) to do better than 8th, and his teammate Sergio Pérez (Red Bull) better than 4th with fastest lap, to prevent him from being crowned champion of the world. This scenario has never happened before this season. No driver has also been titled in Singapore since the appearance of the circuit in 2008. A coronation of Verstappen would therefore be historic. The Red Bull driver would also be the first since Michael Schumacher in 2022 to be crowned five races before the end.

Max Verstappen edged out Charles Leclerc and George Russell at Monza earlier this month.& JENNIFER LORENZINI / REUTERS

If Verstappen wins the Grand Prix without the fastest lap

With 25 points, Verstappen would be world champion if Charles Leclerc does not do better than 9th and Sergio Pérez, no better than 4th without fastest lap (or 5th with fastest lap). This scenario, however, has already happened once this season, it was in France. Max Verstappen won, Leclerc retired and Pérez finished 4th without a fastest lap.

In any other scenario than the two presented above, Max Verstappen will have to wait before being crowned, and he will then have Japan, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi to pocket his second consecutive coronation.

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