Verstappen misses, Perez takes advantage and Leclerc is reassured… The ranking after the Singapore GP

Verstappen only 7th, Perez again victorious, Leclerc slightly reduces the gap… the point in the standings after this Singapore GP.

Verstappen will have to wait before pocketing his second world championship title. Arriving only seventh, he did not convert his first coronation ball this Sunday evening in Singapore. It was his teammate at Red Bull Sergio Pérez won ahead of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz (Ferrari).

The Mexican won his second Grand Prix on a street circuit this season after Monaco, in addition to his victory on the streets of Baku in Azerbaijan, in 2021. He was able to manage the race from start to finish without being overtaken by Charles Leclerc , behind him all along the route, and is now only two points behind the Monegasque (235 against 237). Even though Verstappen only finished seventh, the gap with Leclerc remains huge (104 points). Note the fine performance of McLaren. At the same time, Mercedes and Alpine sank during this GP.

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