Verstappen – I will be in Drive to Survive, but under certain conditions


The Dutch pilot should finally intervene again in the next season of the Netflix series.

Since its launch in the spring of 2019, the series Drive to Survive, broadcast on the Netflix platform and based on the backstage of the Formula 1 Grands Prix, has quickly experienced extraordinary success with users, and has greatly contributed to popularizing the sport. to a wider audience.

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However, over the seasons, critics have flocked to the authenticity of the facts reported in the series, accused of staging situations or exaggerating them for a more spectacular result.

Among the pilots, the most virulent was undoubtedly Max Verstappen. Shortly before acquiring his world title in October 2021, the Red Bull driver had strongly criticized the series, and indicated that he would no longer appear in an interview. « They simulated some rivalries that don’t really exist, » he commented then. Last March, Verstappen repeated his position and his desire to no longer intervene in Drive to Survive.

However, ahead of the British Grand Prix, Max Verstappen spoke to Netflix representatives. A discussion which visibly contributed to softening the point of view of the reigning world champion, as he explained to Speedcafe.

« It was actually a really good, quick little chat, » he explained. « We’re going to try to improve things from there, so we can have a little more say in how we’re going to be portrayed, instead of giving an interview and not knowing what’s going on. be done and how they exploit it on the show, » he continues.

« All I ask is that it just be more realistic, at least on my side. I can’t control of course, what they do with the other drivers.  » Max Verstappen is thus ready to make his return as a speaker in the series. But not anyhow.

« I understand they want me in it, but it has to be more on my terms, » ​​continues the current championship leader, who admits the impact the series has had on the popularity of Formula 1. especially on the other side of the Atlantic.

« I also understand that Netflix has really helped a lot for popularity, especially in the United States. »

« I don’t mind playing a part in it, but of course it has to be good for everyone. I also understand that people who watch this program want more people and a story that’s a bit more personal. , but I want to be in control of how I want to be seen. I’m not a big fan of being front and center anyway. »

In fact, it would seem that Verstappen will have the possibility of viewing the content of the episode which will concern him, before its broadcast, with the possibility of requesting modifications.

« I think that’s how it should be. You have to be able to say, well, sorry, guys, I don’t really think that makes me look good. »

« Sometimes, you know, you don’t even know there’s a camera around you or someone is walking behind you filming you, » Verstappen concludes.


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