Verdict for the condemned man helped by Steph Curry!

Stephen Curry came out of silence a few weeks ago to defend Julius Jones, a death row inmate despite the extensive evidence that claims his innocence. This Thursday, just a few hours before his execution, the latter was pardoned, to the delight of the microcosm NBA.

Stephen curry is making a huge start to the season on the floors, but not only! While he takes his Warriors to first place in the Western Conference with recurring cards, the leader is also committed to saving the life of Julius Jones, sentenced to death 20 years ago, and whose date of execution was fast approaching.

This is Stephen Curry, and I support Julius and his family, and I pray for justice and our brother to be a free man.

Julius Jones saved by Steph Curry, Trae Young and Kim Kardashian

And he is not the only one to have mobilized over time. Trae Young, originally from Oklahoma, place of imprisonment of Julius Jones, Blake Griffin, passed through the university in this state, but also superstars like J. Cole and Kim Kardashian got involved in recent days to contest a bet death scheduled for Thursday, November 18. The mobilization was immense across the country in the face of this weak dossier.

As a reminder, Julius Jones was accused of the murder of a white businessman in 1999, and sentenced to death 3 years later. Problem was, he didn’t fit the description of the culprit, and worse yet, another arrested man allegedly repeatedly bragged about committing the murder and then setting Jones up to get away with it unscathed. Finally, he had to do with lawyers little involved and who had not even taken the time to verify the alibi of their client, proof of their detachment …

Fortunately, faced with this XXL mobilization on the part of the stars and hundreds of students, the governor of the state decided to cancel this death sentence by transforming the sentence of Julius Jones into life imprisonment without the possibility of go out for good behavior. There is still a long way to go on this file, but Doc Rivers was in heaven when the decision was announced. He particularly thanked Steph Curry for his position.

It can clearly be said that Blake Griffin, Trae Young, Steph Curry, Baker Mayfield have all helped save a life today. I’m so proud of us NBA players and some in the NFL for speaking out on this. The voices of our players saved a life today and I find it very inspiring.

NBA players are not just athletes who are the dream of millions of fans around the world. They are also not afraid to get involved in hot issues, and sometimes they even manage to save lives! Stephen Curry can be proud of himself.

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