Venice continues in Bologna, Sampdoria relaunches in Salernitana

Venice took over Bologna (0-1). Sampdoria easily won (0-2) at Salernitana.

On a series of two consecutive wins in Serie A, Bologna lost at home against Venice (0-1) on Sunday. On the hour mark, Okereke scored the winning goal for the visitors. Despite territorial domination, Bologna failed to come back and concede their fifth defeat of the season. Thanks to this victory, the promoted Venice climbed to 13th place. Bologna is 9th.

Salernitana is in the rough. Defeated 0-2 by Sampdoria, Franck Ribery’s teammates are stuck in last place. The decision was made in the first half by Aversa’s men thanks to an own goal from Di Tacchio and an achievement from Antonio Candreva. In the standings, Salernitana remains red lantern. Sampdoria performed well and climbed to 16th position.

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