Vegedream’s takeover of a Tunisian considered ‘uncomfortable’ makes people talk (video)

The Africa Cup of Nations opened its doors only a few days ago. Already, the competition has been talked about, after decisions or hiccups from referees or other officials. The meetings between Mali and Tunisia and between Mauritania and Gambia were concerned. Apart from that, entertainment is on the agenda for lovers of Soccer African. Among the favorites of this African Cup of Nations in Cameroon, we count in particular Algeria, Senegal or Morocco. Tunisia could also have its say.

The Carthage Eagles have quality players even if the defeat in their match against Mali in stormy circumstances could put a blow to the morale of Mondher Kebaier’s men. Fortunately, Tunisia can count on the support of its fans (women?)…

A controversial title

During the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the French team was treated to a song by Vegedream, entitled ‘Bring the cup home’, which was a great success. Well-felt lyrics, a memorable tune, all the ingredients were there to make a hit. And obviously, this inspired a young Tunisian woman, who remixed the Vegedream track in her own way. A recovery that we offer you below and which has caused a lot of talk on the Web.

See instead:

Internet users react

Inevitably, such a sequence quickly made people talk on social networks. We could see in particular as comments on Twitter :

  • « no really she shames us c very grv sah deletes »
  • « lol » and if there is DRA we can always call WAHBII KHAZRI « in the 77th minute there was dra he missed the penalty he has more credit or what »
  •  » idiots dare everything and that’s how we recognize them ”
  • « How can you dare to release something like that, it’s absolutely dramatic hahaha »
  • « Since the sound came out we can’t do it on the pitch anymore, I hate her »

In its second group match, Tunisia will face Mauritania this Sunday.

An already decisive match for Wahbi Khazri’s teammates, who will have to show character after the events that occurred during their match against Mali. Their last match will then be against Gambia, who got the better of Mauritania for their entry into the competition in this African Cup of Nations in Cameroon. The latter could give rise to some nice surprises between now and the final on February 6…


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