Vector Sport will run an Oreca 07 for Nico Müller

A new team will make their debut next season in WEC in the LMP2 category. Vector Sport has already entered an Oreca 07 for 2022 with the presence of Nico Müller in the crew. The Audi Sport driver received an exit voucher from his employer to race in LMP2 a year before the LMDh debut. The Swiss rode in WEC in 2017.

The Vector Sport team will be based at Silverstone headed by Gary Holland who will bring his rich experience from the world of Endurance and LMP2. Holland worked at Jota Sport, Risi Competizione and RAM Racing. For the past three years he has been leading the Dragon / Pneske Autosport team in Formula E where Nico Müller rides.

Gary Holland said: “Thanks to the vision and innovative spirit of the ACO and the FIA, endurance racing is on the cusp of an incredibly exciting new era. LMH, LMDh and the new GT3 rules place the discipline in the limelight and we see all of this as the right direction to take in the future, and that is why we have decided to launch our new team now. Our thanks go to Audi Sport for allowing Nico to be with us for the 2022 season, because his presence is an integral part of our plans.

« Our plans for our participation in LMP2 include a really strong team of drivers, an experienced and extremely competent engineering team and a proven technical package, but we also have the ambition to expand to other categories in the future. . For now, however, we are fully committed to the very competitive LMP2 class, and we really want to be part of it in 2022. « 

Nico Müller added: “I am very excited to be a part of this new team, and I am confident and proud to start this new chapter of endurance racing with her. Vector Sport may be a new name, but behind it , there are quite a few people I know from different racing series who are all very competent. There is a lot of motivation within the group and excitement around the project. « I am grateful to Audi Sport for to have given me the opportunity to combine my work with them in this new project. We are very fortunate to be in this privileged position to be able to participate in this era. With Vector Sport I think it’s true to say everyone has high goals but everyone agrees that we run because we want to win. We hope to have a short and efficient learning process so that we can fight for the wins and we look forward to going out there and picking them up. « 

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