Vanessa Bryant will launch a new business around Kobe!

As the second anniversary of Kobe’s death approaches, Vanessa Bryant is still trying to wield her late husband’s branding skillfully. According to recent revelations, it would also be on the verge of entering a new market … greatly appreciated by the Mamba!

By climbing into his helicopter on the morning of January 26, 2020, and taking the risk of taking off, Kobe bryant left heavy chores to his wife Vanessa. Widowed since that sad day for the NBA planet, the mother has to raise her 3 daughters still in this world, Natalia, Bianka and Capri. At the same time, she has to manage as best she can the immense empire that her husband has built over the years.

Icon of the NBA for 20 years, the Black Mamba had to learn to manage his fortune, and to diversify his activities as a businessman. By his side throughout this journey, Vanessa has learned lessons, and is now trying to apply them. She could also need it quickly, since she would soon enter a new market via the firm of her late husband.

Vanessa Bryant to launch Kobe wine

TMZ Sports thus affirms that a wine in honor of Kobe should sooner or later be created!

As reported by Josh Gerben, TMZ Sports confirms that Vanessa submitted on November 5 the documents to secure trademarks that suggest she wants to get into the wine business. “Mamba Vino”, “Mamba Vino 2024”, “Mamba Vino 8” and “Mamba Vino 24” are among the listed phrases.

Patents which strongly suggest that Vanessa wants to settle in the wine industry, potentially by 2024. A project that really makes sense, whether from a marketing or symbolic point of view. Wine consumption is booming across the Atlantic, while “Vino” is none other than the nickname given to Bean in his last years in the league.

Oh my God. My guy just gave me a new nickname and I love it! Ha #vino

California, where the Bryant family resides, is positioned as one of the most important wine regions in the United States. All the elements therefore appear to be united for this initiative to bring big benefits to Vanessa and to the heirs of Kobe. The drink will also have no trouble finding an audience in the NBA, with a LeBron James among the main wine lovers in the league !

The great French vineyards therefore have better watch out, since Mamba Vino could quickly land on the shelves of American supermarkets!

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