Vanessa Bryant pissed off at Nike after the leak of a pair of Kobe tribute!

Vanessa Bryant is doing all in her power to pay tribute to her husband and daughter, who tragically died in a helicopter crash. The problem is that some do not hesitate to steal his ideas… Nike for example made a shoe that Vanessa Bryant had refused to produce! And she came back up!

Vanessa Bryant is an example of courage… A year and a half after the tragic disappearance of her husband Kobe and her daughter Gianna, she is doing everything in her power to honor their memory. His speech for the enthronement of the Mamba in the Hall of Fame will go down in history, even Michael Jordan must have shed tears when he heard the strong and right words spoken on stage.

She also launched a wonderful collection of clothes in honor of her daughter, and almost all NBA players have supported this great initiative. Moreover, she also intended to dedicate a pair of shoes to him at Nike… A project that fell through the cracks, following the end of the contract between Kobe Bryant and the comma brand. Still, it looks like someone got hold of the secret pair! So obviously, Vanessa is pissed off!

This is a shoe I worked on in honor of my daughter, Gianna. The model was going to be called MAMBACITA, and it was an exclusive black and white colourway on his father’s shoes. I chose the colors according to the swimsuit she was wearing, 2 was her number, on the heel there was Kobe and Gianna in gold, rather than the « Mamba » logo, I chose the patterns on the heel. inside …

But MAMBACITA have never been approved for sale! I wanted them to be sold to honor my daughter and donate all the profits to her foundation, but I did not extend the contract with Nike and chose not to sell this pair. Nike never sent this pair to me or my daughters. I don’t understand how anyone else can have the shoes I made for my missing daughter! Hope you didn’t sell them Nike!

Vanessa Bryant never allowed Nike to sell this pair, and even worse, she was against its mere production! Difficult to understand how someone could have photographed themselves with the MAMBACITA in their hands! This case could pay her big if she decides to go to court!

Vanessa Bryant finds it hard to accept that we can steal her tribute ideas, that’s normal. Nike will have to provide concrete explanations to pass the pill.

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