« Values ​​get the hell out of it », Aguillon annoyed by Fickou’s transfer

Pierre Aguillon, three-quarter center of La Rochelle, shared his incomprehension this Saturday vis-à-vis the transfer in the middle of the season of Gaël Fickou, from Stade Français to Racing 92. The 34-year-old believes that « values ​​do not give a damn the camp « in professional rugby.

Gaël Fickou’s transfer does not go through to all players in the world of rugby. In the middle of the season, the French international will leave Stade Français to join rival Racing 92. While the transfer was initially scheduled for the end of the season and already announced, the two clubs have reached an agreement for an early departure of Fickou. He will commit with his new team for more than 4 seasons therefore.

« It’s a bit incomprehensible that we can sell it during the season »

After another victory for La Rochelle this Saturday against LOU (38-23), allowing the Rochelle club to keep 2nd place in the Top 14, Pierre Aguillon shared his astonishment at the transfer of Gaël Fickou in high season . « For me it’s a bit of rubbish. I don’t know if we can comment on it but I have a lot of trouble with these things. There is no more counter, nothing, said the experienced (34 years old) three-quarter center. When a guy is not playing, it is understandable that he is going to look for playing time for a club that needs his position. But when the guy is titular every weekend , it’s a little incomprehensible that we can sell it during the season. « 

This advanced transfer of Gaël Fickou is made possible thanks to a transfer window opened by the National Rugby League (LNR) over the period from April 9 to 30. « It’s a bit the values ​​that get the hell out of the way, but it’s today’s professional rugby, it works like that, commented Pierre Aguillon. The clubs are businesses, the players have market values. We are a little sold. It shouldn’t go too far either, although I think it already is. « 

As a symbol, Gaël Fickou should have worn the Stade Français colors one last time against Racing 92, but the meeting was postponed due to the health protocol since the Ciel et Blanc faced the UBB last weekend. , affected Wednesday by two cases of coronavirus. « To play with my best friend, Teddy Thomas, but also Virimi Vakatawa. It’s an attractive project, superb infrastructures, a lot of ambitions. They play the Champions Cup, had justified Fickou on his choice for RMC Sport. is a team that grows from year to year and gets stronger from year to year. It’s fun, in an incredible stadium. It’s going to be a good thing and I will have a lot of fun. « 

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