VALORANT, NBA 2K22, New World … what are the most popular games on Twitch this week?


(ETX Daily Up) – What games are gamers excited about this week on Twitch? Here are the latest figures to understand what has happened over the past seven days on the streaming platform.

Top 5 most watched games on Twitch

This week, VALUING returns to 3rd position, behind the unchanging ones Just chatting and GTA V.

1 – Just chatting continues to decline, even though the category has been watched for 52 million hours. It is still 3.2 million hours less in seven days (-5.8%).

2 – Grand Theft Auto V is in progress this week with 1.8 hours of gain (+ 5.3%), for a total of 36.6 million hours streamed.

3- VALUING takes third place with 16 million additional hours watched, an increase of 101.5% compared to last week.

4 – League of Legends drops to fourth position with 24.3 million hours streamed, a drop of nearly 3 million hours (-10.9%).

5 – Apex Legends remains in fifth place despite a further decline of 1.4 million hours streamed. The game totals 16.2 million hours, a decrease of 7.9%.

Top 5 trending games on Twitch

Barely released, NBA 2K22 and Deathloop are already creating the event and entering the Top 5 of the most trendy games currently.

1 – VALUING leads this ranking with an increase of 16 million hours streamed, for a total of 31.8 million.

2 – Special Events shows an increase of 866.1% in one week with 7.4 million hours watched.

3 – NBA 2K22, released on September 10, comes directly into third place with 7.3 million hours streamed.

4 – New World, which will be available on September 28, already displays 3.8 million hours on its counter.

5 –Deathloop, available since September 14, totals 3.6 million hours.


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