Valenciennes – Amnéville (Division 2, pool A, 6th day) | Division 2 – Ice Hockey

The Red Devils have continued their series of attacking festivals in recent weeks, scoring a minimum of seven goals per game for the fourth time in a row, on the ice of Entente Évry-Viry. Ilya Altybarmakyan and Patrik Jääskeläinen consolidated their position at the top of the counters, ahead of Olivier Binet-Bérubé, credited in Essonne with seven assists. The opposition of the evening appears tougher, the Red Dogs of Amnéville coming out of three games played in overtime, conceding against the competitor Reims and the favorite Meudon their only defeats.

The visitors must however do without Samu Poutanen and Julien Vogt, injured. Jan Soldan called on Spinalien Matéo Labat, positioned on the first line. He will wait to stand out because, supported by bays filled with 1,200 people and white-hot by local students, Patrik Jääskeläinen launches in force from the start towards a Nicolas Bosko quickly challenged from afar by Audric Carpentier, who returned to the game recently. Patrik Barger’s riposte overflowing on the right only interrupted the broad northern domination. Krepelka’s deflection rattles off the outside of the post. Rémi Houque, served by Binet-Bérubé facing the cage, misses his throw on reception. The difference is made by a climb from Nepveu de Villemarceau, who bypasses the cage and finds Jääskeläinen (1-0 at 06’56″). The Red Dogs concede several forbidden clearances against an incisive and fast formation, like Ilya Altybarmakayan, accelerating in neutral to challenge the Slovak goalkeeper, defeated after having nevertheless rejected the initial throw of the Russian (2-0 at 12’38″).

Thanks to a slash from Fritz-Dreyssé, Amnéville finally points his sticks in the offensive zone, by Baptiste Goux from the left circle then Gatien Tailly from the right, for as many interventions, with the mitten then the stick, from Pacôme Courtoison , evening holder. The Girondin goalkeeper participated in erasing the second inferiority, a tripping from Rémi Houque, not conceding any rebound to Goux. Author of an intervention with the boot against Krepelka who went on the counterattack, Bosko lost his balance on a feint from Rémi Houque, launched by Altybarmakyan on leaving prison (3-0 at 18’52 ″). In the next minute, the goalkeeper deflects a throw from Jääskeläinen off the stick; Rémi Houque seizes the disc behind the goal, positions himself and crosses his throw victoriously (4-0 at 19’20″).

A hook from Tanguy Mercier forced the Mosellens to resume the game in inferiority after the break punctuated by the games on the ice to the sound of the credits dear to Benny Hill and the show of the cheerleaders. Rémi Houque, on the rebound, took the opportunity to widen the gap (5-0 at 20’23″). The third block is also illustrated: Louis Mundubeltz twice tested Bosko’s glove, and Vitale redirected Paredes’ low-ice shot into the back of the net (6-0 at 21’36″). Three Hainaut faults in as many minutes cut off the momentum of Romain Sadoine’s men. Maxime Griet finally has a good shooting position but comes up against Courtoison for the first time, still there to repel his attempt from the left. Tanguy Mercier in turn fails against the bearer of number 88, rescued for a time by his defender Lucas Morel.

Indiscipline wins the ranks of the visitors during a period where eleven protagonists sit in turn on the bench of the banished. Valenciennes is less efficient though. On the fly, Krepelka only finds Gatien Tailly’s helmet, stunned, and in a breakaway Morel comes up against Bosko, who had previously come to the aid of his captain Lucas Catelli, dribbled by Altybarmakyan. Patrik Barger again finding metal in superiority, the scenario played out against Amiens 2 is about to repeat itself. When the Picards came, the Valenciennes indeed led by 4 goals in the first break, then by 6 in the second. However, they will not be satisfied with a single net in the last third…

2022 11 12 valenciennes amneville 2

The fault of an Ilya Altybarmakyan in great shape. He faked the throw in front of Goux to better deceive Nicolas Bosko (7-0 at 40’22″), took over the pass from a very active Olivier Binet-Bérubé (8-0 at 47’39″) and insistently claimed the puck in superiority, which his Canadian and Finnish friends understood well (9-0 at 49’08″). This triple success, accompanied by original celebrations from the former Petersburger, is too much for Bosko, replaced by Lucien Verleye. Complicated baptism of fire for the young Dunkirk because his partners Camus and Raby are simultaneously invited to calm down in prison. Posted around the cage, Patrik Jääskeläinen misses his recovery, but Rémi Houque followed (10-0 at 52’20″).

After several rounds of ola in a very hot atmosphere, Swann Nepveu de Villemarceau, previously hit in the face by a high stick, initiates yet another comeback with the puck and from the back of the cage finds Justin Vitale (11-0 at 52’40 ″). Anxious to take care of his statistics, Ilya Altybarmakyan offers himself a quadruple, after having temporized from the rubber put back into play (12-0 at 54’16″). Only (slight) downside, the goal of Thomas Le Chapelain, alone in the enclave (12-1 at 55’44″), which cools Valigloö for a while. Time for Jan Krepelka, on the counter still blank, to close the scoring against the open cage (13-1 at 58’05″).

Quadrupled for Altybarmakyan and Houque, seven points for Jääskeläinen and six for Binet-Bérubé, the triggers of the Red Devils still gave it their all. They now occupy the first four places in the ranking of counters. Enough to remain optimistic before a trip to rival Meudon, which has a game late and is dispossessed of its place as leader.

Designated best players of the match: Thomas Le Chapelain for Amnéville and Rémi Houque for Valenciennes

Valenciennes – Amnéville 13-1 (4-0, 2-0, 7-1).
Saturday November 12, 2022 at 6:40 p.m. at the Valigloö ice rink. 1200 spectators
Arbitration by Romain Herrault assisted by Gaëlle Bourdon and Quentin Cady.
Penalties: Valenciennes 20′ (4′, 14′, 2′), Amnéville 24′ (4′, 8′, 12′).
Shots: Valenciennes 53 (15, 17, 21), Amnéville 28 (12, 11, 5).

Score evolution:
1-0 at 06’56″: Jääskeläinen assisted by Mesplède and Nepveu de Villemarceau
2-0 at 12’38″: Mesplède assisted by Altybarmakyan and Nepveu de Villemarceau
3-0 at 18’52″: Houque assisted by Jääskeläinen and Altybarmakyan
4-0 at 19’20″: Houque assisted by Jääskeläinen and Binet-Bérubé
5-0 at 20’23″: Houque assisted by Binet-Bérubé and Jääskeläinen
6-0 at 21’36″: Vitale assisted by Paredes and Mesplède
7-0 at 40’22″: Altybarmakyan assisted by Carpentier and Binet-Bérubé
8-0 at 47’39″: Altybarmakyan assisted by Binet-Bérubé and Houque (num. sup.)
9-0 at 49’08″: Altybarmakyan assisted by Jääskeläinen and Binet-Bérubé (num. sup.)
10-0 at 52’20″: Houque assisted by Jääskeläinen and Binet-Bérubé (double sup. num.)
11-0 at 52’40″: Vitale assisted by Nepveu de Villemarceau
12-0 at 54’16″: Altybarmakyan assisted by Jääskeläinen
12-1 at 55’44″: Le Chaplain assisted by T. Mercier and Mischler
13-1 at 58’05″: Krepelka assisted by Morel and Saez (num. sup.)


Ilya Altybarmakyan – Patrik Jääskeläinen – Rémi Houque
Quentin Durand – David Fritz-Dreyssé (A) – Jan Krepelka
Marcolino Paredes – [Mesplède à 20’00″] – Sacha Marguet

Audric Carpentier – Olivier Binet-Bérubé
Roderick Saez – Lucas Morel
Léo Mesplède then Louis Mundubeltz at 20’00″ – Swann Nepveu de Villemarceau

Guardian :
Pacôme Courtoison

Substitute: Ville Viskari (G). Absent: Maël Harmegnies, Thomas Cornu, Romain Sadoine, Amaury Lhermitte (injured).


Matéo Labat – Maxime Griet (A) – Tanguy Mercier
Alexandre Raby – Patrik Barger – Noah Camus
Thomas Le Chapelain – Logan Guttierez – Romain Mercier or Eliott Payon

Lucas Catelli (C) – Gatien Tailly
Tehano Sebal – Baptiste Goux
Alex Mischler – Romain Neil

Guardian :
Nicolas Bosko then Lucien Verleye at 49’42″

Absent: Maxmilián De Sousa, Samu Poutanen (wrist), Julien Vogt (adductors).

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