Valenciennes – Amiens II (Division 2, pool A, 4th day) | Division 2 – Ice Hockey

Coldly welcomed by the Coqs de Courbevoie (6-1 defeat) at the opening, the Diables Rouges raised the bar well afterwards, causing Rouen and their neighbors in Wasquehal to bite the dust. In the festive context of Halloween, the men of Romain Sadoine, injured in preparation and forced to leave his place on the ice for several weeks, receive another reserve, that of the Gothics of Amiens, promoted.

Getting started is tricky for the Picards, whose area is stormed. Losses of puck and forbidden clearances are linked, interspersed with two interventions by the Amiens goalkeeper Benoît Demazier on shots from Binet-Bérubé and Jääskeläinen, isolated by Rémi Houque. The third thief on the first line, Ilya Altybarmakyan, is the cause of Vasseur’s fault, which only remains about ten seconds in the jail, the time for the Russian to control Binet-Bérubé’s pass on the right and send the puck to the top of the net (1-0 at 03’16″). In the same minute, a shot off target from Thomas Cornu bounces against the balustrade and surprises the young opposing goalkeeper (2-0 at 03’44″). Demazier was called back to the bench when the eighth northern shot, the work of Swann Nepveu de Villemarceau on the right side, surprised him (3-0 at 04’27″).

The newcomer Mathis Petit was quickly challenged by Jan Krepelka, on a breakthrough by David Fritz-Dreyssé. The second fault on Altybarmakyan allows the Hénuiers to multiply the sequences of possession, but the mark does not evolve. Little in danger, including in inferiority, they widened the gap on a distant throw from Nepveu de Villemarceau (4-0 at 16’35″).

Author of a good intervention from the boot, Petit is by far the most employed, unlike his vis-à-vis, whom the stirring Adam Rusnak does not manage to occupy, with too much of a crossfire. Only Adrien Godbert, in superiority, manages to frame for Gothics still in difficulty. Lhermitte, between the circles, Houque, served in the enclave, then Jääskeläinen, found by Altybarmakyan, stumbled in turn on Mathis Petit, who ended up giving in on an action by Jan Krepelka. The wearer of the yellow helmet for the best counter is the fastest on a face-off on the left side, redirecting towards the axis to preserve his average of one goal per game (5-0 at 27’47″).

The representatives of the Somme try to press, but the defense takes out the puck without too much difficulty, and suffers from a perfectible passing game, when they are not skating behind the rubber in their camp. Adam Rusnak, the most prominent striker, manages to recover the disc behind the cage and use Pacôme Courtoison, who came into play in place of Viskari, and just as quiet. The Red Devils continued to dominate the proceedings and found the back of the net for the sixth time on a quick recovery from Binet-Bérubé, deflected in one touch by Durand in the blue. The defense picked up speed, Patrik Jääskeläinen feigned Petit and slipped the puck, from the backhand, into the open cage (6-0 at 36’21″).

On resumption, Rémi Houque, free in front of the cage, concludes a three-way game (7-0 at 40’19″). The former Dunkirk was deprived of the eighth goal, offered by a breakthrough from Olivier Binet-Bérubé in inferiority, due to too intense traffic around the Amiens cage (49’40″).

Thanks to three northern fouls, Mathieu Mille’s players finally approached Pacôme Courtoison’s cage in the final minutes. The former Bordelais preserves his net, from the glove in front of Antoine Salomez, then opposes Rusnak and following a release from his teammate Altybamarkyan, stripped of the puck in front of his goal. Without shaking, the Hénuiers pocket a third success in a row, taking their place behind the undefeated leader Meudon.

Designated best players of the match: Mathis Petit for Amiens and Olivier Binet-Bérubé for Valenciennes

Valenciennes – Amiens II 7-0 (4-0, 2-0, 1-0)
Saturday October 29, 2022 at 6:40 p.m. at the Valigloö ice rink. 814 spectators.
Referees: Pascal Telliez assisted by Antoine Debucquet and Charles Baudoin.
Penalties: Valenciennes 10′ (2′, 2′, 6′), Amiens II 6′ (4′, 2′, 0′).
Shots: Valenciennes 53 (22, 20, 11), Amiens II 11 (2, 3, 6).

Score evolution:
1-0 at 03’16″: Altybarmakyan assisted by Binet-Bérubé and Fritz-Dreyssé (digital super)
2-0 at 03’44″: Horned
3-0 at 04’27″: Nepveu de Villemarceau assisted by Marguet
4-0 at 16’35″: Nepveu de Villemarceau assisted by Marguet and Lhermitte
5-0 at 27’47″: Krepelka assisted by Durand
6-0 at 36’21″: Jääskeläinen assisted by Durand and Binet-Bérubé
7-0 at 40’19″: Houque assisted by Altybarmakyan and Jääskeläinen


Ilya Altybarmakyan – Patrik Jääskeläinen – Rémi Houque
Quentin Durand – David Fritz-Dreyssé (A) – Jan Krepelka
Marcolino Paredes – Amaury Lhermitte – Sacha Marguet

Olivier Binet-Bérubé – Lucas Morel
Thomas Cornu (A) – Roderick Saez
Leo Mesplède – Swann Nepveu de Villemarceau
then Louis Mundubeltz at 20’00″

Guardian :
Ville Viskari then Pacôme Courtoison at 36’21″

Substitute: Maël Harmegnies. Absent: Romain Sadoine (knee sprain), Audric Carpentier (foot fracture), Justin Vitale.

Amiens II

Adam Rusnak – Nathane Vasseur – Thomas Tellier
Titouan Monet – Frederik Tchoungui (A) – Enzo Benoît
Trystan Thelier – Raphaël Duvallon – Antoine Salomez

Adrien Godbert (A) – Simon Tagliapietra
Corentin Dubois – Tom Collet
Jules Souchere – Maxime Daoud

Guardian :
Benoît Demazier then Mathis Petit at 04’27″

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