Valencia gives ideas to Longoria to recover several million

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While OM are making a start to the season beyond all expectations, at least in the league, a cloud has appeared in Pablo Longoria’s sunny sky. This cloud bears the name of Cazoo, an English company which became a jersey sponsor of the Phocaeans this summer and which announced the end of its activities on the Old Continent. A problem, obviously, for Marseille’s finances, which are already not very flourishing.

But OM are not alone in this mess. LOSC and Valence are also concerned. And the Spanish club has no intention of letting it go. Also in financial difficulty, the FCV wants Cazoo to honor his contract until the end. For this, he relies on an unstoppable argument: the contract was signed with the parent company, in England, the one that continues its activity. The Ché club therefore wants the partnership to go to completion, and not to receive a compensatory allowance… OM could take inspiration from this!

to summarize

Like OM but also LOSC in France, Valence is sponsored by the English company Cazoo, which has announced the cessation of its activities in Europe. Except that the Spanish club has no intention of letting things go and is calling for the partnership between the two parties to be maintained.

Raphael Nouet

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