UZÈS La Yegros in concert at l’Ombrière: « What I like is mixing different styles »

Argentinian singer Mariana Yegros, known as La Yegros, will be in concert on November 27 at the Ombrière d’Uzès, with her mixed music, between South American folklore and modern styles, such as electro and rap. THEhe queen of the nude cumbia has decided not to choose between tradition and modernity, and promises to move the Ombrière.

Objectif Gard: Your music is between tradition, with cumbia, and modernity, with electro. In your opinion, should we dust off this traditional music, modernize it?

The Yegros: Yes, I’m from Buenos-Aires, a big city where we listen to a lot of modern music, and I have my family who is from Misiones (in the north of Argentina, editor’s note), where we listen to a lot of traditional, folk music. , and I think it’s my story that made me want to mix electronic and traditional music. For me it’s natural, organic. And in doing so, I realized that for the public it is also an approach to listen to traditional music that they might never have listened to. And the same for those who listen to traditional music and not modern music, it is a way of approaching a culture. For me, it all happened in a natural way.

It is a matter of interbreeding, the cumbia is already very mixed at the base.

Yes, there is the cumbia, but also the chamamé (a kind of traditional music which counts the accordion and the guitar as main instruments, note) or the carnavalito (which uses traditional wind instruments like the quena or the siku, editor’s note), traditional rhythms, which with the mixture of electronics give a more modern sound.

So much music that you adapt with different registers, we talked about electro, but there is also rap, you released a collaboration with the group from Nîmes VSO in 2018.

What I like is being able to approach different styles, different rhythms, with a modernist point of view. I live in Montpellier, VSO called me to do a collaboration, we are neighbors. It was an opportunity to make music together, not far away, to be able to meet. I had never done rap, it was a good opportunity to approach this music.

You are working on a new album, can you tell us a little more about it?

In 2019 we presented our last album, Suelta, and we are in the process of preparing the fourth album. I went to Argentina, because the team, my producer and our composer also live in Argentina, to start working on this next album.

As Argentina, what do you remember from 2021? The victory of the Albiceleste in the Copa América or the transfer of Lionel Messi to Paris-Saint-Germain?

(Laughs) I love football a lot, and I have to say that Messi’s presence in France, in Paris, was a very special moment, it’s true.

Interview by Thierry Allard

La Yegros + Cocanha, on Saturday 27 November at 8:30 p.m. at the Ombrière of the Community of Municipalities of the Pays d’Uzès, in Uzès. Full price 25 euros, reduced 20 euros. Reservations here.

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