Utter humiliation for Kyrie Irving in the league?

Still unvaccinated, Kyrie Irving could miss half the season if he refuses to give in. You have to believe that the rest of the league does not carry the leader in their hearts either, especially judging by his current value: a real humiliation for the old Cavalier.

Adored by the Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving didn’t just make friends over the seasons. His departures from Cleveland and then Boston soon after tarnished the leader’s reputation. It is obviously not something important to him, but it shows that the case of the star is dividing more and more within the league.

The covid does not help all of this in the end. Irving is one of the players who refuses to be vaccinated, and will therefore miss half of the season. New York City imposes the vaccine on employees, including players from various franchises. If Kyrie persists, he will therefore severely handicap Brooklyn for this campaign.

Hope is not totally lost according to the latest echoes, since the person concerned could change his mind, helped by Kevin Durant in person. But for now, nothing has changed, and that can seriously worry its leaders. Fans want to see the Big 3 in action, so now is not the time to take the NBA’s wrath.

‘Cause Adam Silver and the rest of the rulers are coming threaten players with possible sanctions, but above all shortfalls. Kyrie will probably not approve, but could try to protest against these measures. In the meantime, it is clear that Uncle Drew’s rating is not crazy, and this is confirmed according to journalist Chris Mannix.

I asked a few teams just their opinion of Kyrie Irving’s worth: it’s virtually zero.

Clearly, no one really wants to get the leader back, even if he was available. His conspiracy theories, his injuries and his behavior didn’t help it all. A humiliation for Kyrie, who will have to focus on basketball if he wants to win a new ring.

Kyrie Irving available? If the talent of the player is undeniable, his behavior makes some leaders think twice before recovering him. His last seasons are average with the Nets, and we are waiting for a real awakening for this new exercise. Now is the time for the leader.

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