Utah would like Lauri Markkanen to be more « selfish » sometimes


Just take a look at his « highlights » against the Blazers to realize the phenomenon. Lauri Markkanen is fed a lot to send in « catch-and-shoot ». The proof, he occupies the 10th place of the players who score the most in this context, with 7 points on average.

In this ranking, dominated by Warriors Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins, there are only second or third offensive options, or even additional players. Only, the Finn is now the main attacking option of the Salt Lake City franchise.

Seeing him resorting to catch-and-shoot so much means that he tends to let the game come to him, without wanting to take matters into his own hands, by dribbling for example. Since he hardly forces, the interior displays a remarkable efficiency and never seen since the beginning of his career: 22 points on average at 53% on shots, including 41% from afar, taking only 15 shots per game.

For comparison, he was already taking such a volume of shots in his second season with the Bulls, but to score 3 points less.  » It’s damn effective “Qualifies Kelly Olynyk, who adds however:” We want him to be aggressive. He’s exceptional for us this year, he’s scored in so many different ways. The pressure on the defense creates open shots. When that happens, it opens up opportunities for Jordan (Clarkson). »

« It doesn’t matter who shoots »

Established, the latter also achieves his best year in his career, with less efficiency. With 16.5 shots per game, the back is also the one who tries his luck the most on the team. Wouldn’t it be up to Lauri Markkanen to assert himself more in the game, as the number 1 option?

 » We play our style of basketball. It doesn’t matter who shoots, as long as the ball goes into the basket and we get good shots. Every time I come in I try to be aggressive and find shots, but sometimes… You have to see what the game gives you “, Displays the Finn who is also running at his best passing average in career (2.2 offerings per game).

 » He’s a very good player, very versatile, but I really think there are times in the game where you seem to forget that he has 30 points on the clock. “points the finger Will Hardy. The team coach says he appreciates when the ball circulates but also «  everyone be aggressive. But I think there are times when you can identify a little better who has the hot hand. »

Which is often the case with Lauri Markkanen since the start of the season.

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