Utah deals the first blow to Dallas! (VF)

The Jazz are ambitious for the play-offs and immediately demonstrated it. On the floor of the Mavericks, the Salt Lake City-based franchise won Game 1 of the series opposing them in the first round of the Western Conference. A finals opener that was initially undecided but, despite Luka Doncic missing a last-minute withdrawal with a left calf injury, the Mavs made a first half interesting. Thanks in particular to Jalen Brunson (24 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists) and Spencer Dinwiddie (22 points, 8 assists), the Dallas franchise raced ahead to lead by nine points three and a half minutes from halftime. weather. It was then that the Jazz took over, with Bojan Bogdanovic (26 points, 5 rebounds) in charge. The result was a trend change and a two-point lead for Utah at the break.

With Rudy Gobert more of a rebounder than a scorer (5 points, 17 rebounds), the Salt Lake City-based franchise has not cut its return effort on the floor. The gap then increased to reach a maximum of twelve lengths at the end of the third quarter. The last twelve minutes first saw the Jazz hold on before giving in to the thunderous end of the game from the Mavericks. A Dallas team that got closer to a point two minutes from the buzzer. However, Donovan Mitchell was good at free throws (32 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists) to allow the Jazz to win by six points (93-99) and take the lead in the series.

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