Usbek & Rica – Welcome to the era of the virtual point of sale

It all starts with a classic website, on which the entrepreneur inserts a video tutorial to guide the customer in taking his own measurements, equipped with a simple tape measure. If they wish, the Internet user can put on a virtual reality headset to find themselves projected into a tailor’s workshop, where, in the guise of the latter, and like a video game, a artificial intelligence assists him in taking his measurements. Once these are filled in online, the buyer can, thanks to augmented reality, combined with artificial intelligence, see a 3D reproduction of himself wearing his future shirt, which allows him to both check that the measurements have been taken correctly and that the shirt is the right size, but also to customize various elements such as the shape of the collar, the cuffs, the color of the shirt or the type of buttons chosen.

To those who would like to know more about the raw materials used and the manufacturing conditions, both to ensure that it is indeed a quality product and that the production respects a certain number of ethical standards and environmental, the site of Curved offers to visit, as in real life, the different stages of making.

From the Andalusian plantation where the organic cotton is harvested, to the Lozère workshop where the shirts are made, through the transport of materials between Spain and France, provided by electric truck, the customer can, thanks to to virtual reality, carefully observing each step as if he were instantly teleported there. Even better: a simple click allows him to obtain highlighted information. The amount of water needed to produce a shirt, the technique used to sew the buttons…

A device which, skilfully combined with a targeted advertising campaign on social networks, quickly allows the brand to take off. Two years after his first order, Christophe opens his first physical store in Paris, in which he continues to bet on new technologies to inform customers.

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