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Besides, we might as well start with the consoles, a series mainly opposing the Switch and the PS5, which since July has been the best-selling console each month in the United States, both in volume (the number of copies sold) and in value (turnover). Except that, the PS5 may have achieved the biggest month in its history in December, according to Jim Ryan, the console must be satisfied with second place against a Nintendo still impregnable at Christmas. As in the majority of Europe and Asia, the Switch therefore holds its first place in the United States in volume, while the PS5 imposes itself in value. The Xbox Series finishes on the last step of the podium in volume as in value, but we do not know the distance which separates each of the three platforms. Although PS5 and Xbox Series availability was still too limited to meet demand, console sales still grew 8% in 2022 to $6.57 billion (including $1.5 billion). dollars in December alone).

Final ranking of console sales in 2022 in the United States

  • By volume: 1) Switch 2) PlayStation 5 3) Xbox Series
  • Worth: 1) PlayStation 5 2) Switch 3) Xbox Series

Nintendo and Sony share the cake

Sales of games and additional content fell by 7% to reach $47.5 billion in 2022. This is less than during the boom years of confinement (2020 and 2021) but still more than in 2019 (43. $5 billion). « With a slew of highly anticipated new games and the reduction or even elimination of console supply constraints, 2023 could very well see the market return to growth.“, anticipates Mat Piscatella, NPD analyst in charge of video games.

In the meantime, 2022 has offered its share of highlights, starting with the sensational Elden Ring, even if FromSoftware’s game must bow to the mammoth Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Another spectacular performance, that of God of War Ragnarok, which in just two months finished 4th in the annual ranking, ahead of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. And if the Pokémon Violet and Pokémon Scarlet tandem misses the top 5, it’s probably for the sole and good reason that Nintendo does not communicate its download sales. Otherwise, the Pokémon family would probably have occupied the top of the rankings as ever since Pokémon Legends: Arceus is also in ambush.

Nintendo and PlayStation also left their mark on the year with 6 games for the first and 4 for the second, i.e. half of the top 20 filled with exclusives (or almost, MLB The Show 22 being a special case, but the baseball game remains developed by a PlayStation studio). And again, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales just missed out on the top 20, helped by its PC release in November. The good surprise of the classification is to the credit of Sonic Frontiers, which offers a place in the top 20 in just two months and largely eclipses the previous attempts of the blue hedgehog on the commercial level. Conversely, it is clear that Ubisoft has indeed missed its year, he whose Christmas hopes were mainly based on Mario + The Rabbids Sparks of Hope whose sales did not meet expectations.

For the curious, the PlayStation Blog has just published the best sales of the year 2022 on the PlayStation Store, which in particular gives visibility to titles like Sifu and Stray, whose sales are not recorded by the NPD.

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