Urvashi Rautela shares photo of ‘fan’ praying to her after India win. Is she trolling us all?


Indian actress and model Urvashi Rautela is trolling us all, isn’t she? It’s hard to say. Really. Rautela, who has been in the news lately for her relationship with Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant, attended the India-Pakistan game in Dubai on Sunday. The result? She was subjected to memes with Pant when the cricketer sat out of the game in the marquee. Did Rautela’s superpowers get Pant omitted from the playing XI? The internet had endless but comical conspiracy theories.

But now it turns out that the actress has become a religion. It’s called… “Urvashism”.

It all started with Rautela’s (now deleted) Instagram post where she shot Rishabh Pant directly, calling him “Chotu Bhaiya”. “Chotu bhaiyaa should play bat ball ot… main koyi munni nahi hoon badnaam hone (im not a naive girl to defame) with young kiddo darling tere liye #RAKSHABANDHAN mubarak ho.” She also added hashtags – RP CHOTU BHAIYYA (younger brother) Cougar Hunter and Don’t take advantage of a silent girl,” she wrote on her Insta page.

A stan account who goes by the handle @god_urvashi_devotee commented on the actress’ post and wrote:

“Urvashism will be the fastest growing religion in the world. I am a proud worshiper of my Bhagwan @urvashirautela. If anyone dares to disrespect my God, we worshipers will not remain silent.

The comment was pinned to the top by Rautela and remained there until the post was eventually deleted.

Credit: @emoboisofindia / Instagram

Cut to Sunday, fans across India rejoiced in their own way after watching Rohit Sharma’s side defeat rivals Pakistan in a thrilling encounter. Rautela’s presence at the Dubai International Stadium brought her back into the meme cycle and one person credited the ‘goddess’ Rautela for India’s victory and received her blessing.

If you are lost like we are, this all happened. Although the “fan” only laughed at the comment “Urvashism is the fastest growing religion” from the stan @god_urvashi_devotee account, but he did better. The person posted a picture of him standing with Puja Thali in front of the photo of Rautela, seeking his “blessings”. It was all meant to be a joke.

Rautela decided to share this photo as her Instagram story with her 54 million followers.

Urvashi Rautela shares a photo of "fan" praying to her after India's victory.  Is she trolling us all?

The saga was also discussed on Reddit India

Is she trolling us or trolling herself?

“She must be a troll this is too good,” wrote one user.

“The very first Indian actress to have her own cult.”

« Is she self-dragging? »

“Is she becoming the Indian version of Kanye????”

Rautela’s « chotu bhaiya » post, which she later deleted, didn’t come out of nowhere. Rishabh Pant had responded to the actress’ interview where she claimed ‘RP’ had waited all night to meet her during one of her shoots in Delhi.

“Mr. RP came to the hotel lobby and wanted to meet. Ten hours passed and I fell asleep. I couldn’t answer any calls and when I woke up I saw 16-17 missed calls and I felt so bad that someone was waiting for me and I couldn’t meet them. I told him we would see each other when you came to Mumbai. We met in Mumbai but huge drama happened with the paps and stuff,” she said.

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Following this, Pant replied without naming the actress. “It’s funny how people lie in interviews just for low popularity and to get headlines. Sad how some people crave fame and name. God bless them,” he wrote on Instagram Stories. Not only that, but the cricketer also added hashtags – Mera Picha Chhoro Behen (Leave me alone sister) and Jhuth Ki Bhi Limit Hoti Hai (There is also a limit to lies). However, Pant later deleted that post.

TL;DR: The two are said to have dated in the past.

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