Uruguay 3rd, France 7th, Brazil… the 10 of the most successful Nations in the history of football


Winning trophies (whether collective or individual) with your club or selection is a self-fulfillment and a dream of any professional footballer. But playing with your country and winning titles with it is still symbolic… a privilege, a special feeling.

Illustrious names in the history of football, like Pelé, had the chance to mark their mark in the annals of king sport, winning the World Cup three times with Brazil before the end of their careers . Which, in large part, made the Seleção the most successful country in history…, before the summer of 2021.

South Americans rule the roost!

Admittedly, with five stars, the five-time world champion is no longer alone at the top of the rankings. The country of « Samba » now shares the throne with the historical rival: Argentina. The two South American teams each have 18 trophies to their name. Only Uruguay with its 17 titles is able to match the two titans.

If Europe remains to this day the continent that has won the most World Cups (10 times), it is however necessary to go down to fifth place to come across a representative of the « old continent », like the Germany. Reigning world champion, France meanwhile, is in 7th position behind the giant of African football, Egypt, and three lengths behind Cameroon, which closes this ranking.

The 10 most successful nations in football history

1Brazil (5x CdM, 9x Copa America, 4x Confederation)

2Argentina (2x CdM, 15x Copa, 1x Confederation)

3-Uruguay (2x CdM, 15x Copa)

4- Mexico (10x Gold Cup)

5- Germany (4x CdM, 3x Euro, Confederation)

6- Egypt (7x Africa Cup of Nations)

7France (2x CdM, 2 Euro, 2 Confederation, 1 LdN)

8- Italy (4x WC, 2x Euro)

9- United States (6x Gold Cup)

10- Cameroon (5x CAN)


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