Urbet Lora S Electric Roadster


Two versions of the neo-retro roadster from 8000 euros

Up to 150 km/h and 240 km range in Sport mode

Urbet Lora S Electric RoadsterIn recent years, the Spanish brand Urbet has stood out by marketing under its name Chinese electric motorcycles with an original style at a contained price. This year, the company is going premium with the Lora.

Announced last month, this neo-retro style electric roadster was unveiled last weekend at the motorcycle show in Malaga, the city where the brand is also based, through a working prototype.

The Lora is available here in two standard and S versions which stand out for their capacities and performance.


The basic model is thus presented as a 125 equivalent powered by a central motor delivering a continuous power of 5 kW and a peak power of 11 kW. The brand announces a maximum speed of 120 km/h.

Equipped with a 7.56 kWh lithium-ion battery, the Lora claims a range of up to 120 km in Sport mode and 180 km in Eco mode.

Lora S

Next to it, the Lora S stands out with its more powerful engine which reaches 8 kW nominal and 19 kW peak for a top speed increased to 150 km/h. Here again, the values ​​allow access with the A1 license or the B license. The autonomy is also greater since the roadster opts here for two batteries and therefore a doubled capacity. The manufacturer promises to be able to drive up to 360 km in Eco mode and even 240 km in Sport mode, which would lead to performance for the moment offered only by Energica, but at a much higher price.

The Lora S promises a top speed of 150 km/h
The Lora S promises a top speed of 150 km/h

For the time being, only 30 numbered copies have been offered for reservation and it will still be necessary to wait for the two Urbet sisters to be marketed in series since the first models will only be delivered at the end of the year. The standard Lora is announced for 8,000 euros and the S for 11,500 euros. These rates do not take into account environmental aid and bonuses.

Availability / Prices

  • Lora: 8,000 euros
  • Lora S: 11,500 euros
  • Availability: end of 2022 for the first 30 units

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