Urban hide-and-seek, sport, manual activities …: a busy summer in the leisure centers of Nevers

There are a dozen of them, rucksacks on their shoulders, sneaking up and laughing in the alleys of Nevers. The young girls hide in the heart of the gardens of the Earthenware Museum, waiting to be discovered by their comrades. Between two trips to the swimming pool and to the cinema, the Bords-de-Loire and La Baratte centers have launched an urban hide-and-seek game: a fun way to discover heritage.

On the Banlay side, while the older ones let off steam on the sports field, between speed and throwing, the 3-5 year olds put their hands in the paint and put their imprint on cans as tall as themselves.

Olympic Games and discovery of the school of yesteryear

“Collective life, outside their family, is good for them,” says the director, Iliena Oi-Vincent. After a year marked by health restrictions, children are looking for outdoor activities. Outings have been scheduled at USON or on the Ver-Vert trail.

In the city center, the Léo-Lagrange club welcomes, this summer, a hundred children every day, in the premises of La Rotonde. Olympic Games oblige, the animators count on the sharing of the values ​​carried by the sport: the living together, the respect, the encouragement. From the organization of an opening ceremony to the realization of awards, everything is planned to recreate the atmosphere of international competition, between the classroom and the playground.

The Camosine association also participates in making children aware of the history of Nivernais. « You saw, I have my diploma! », They exclaim in front of a certificate of studies which they copy diligently. School is always funnier when it’s « for fake ».

Back in pictures on these lively summer days.

Alice Forges

Photos: Pierre Destrade and Alice Forges

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