upset, Kevin Durant dominates Game 2 in Boston

Betting friends, betting friends, it’s time for boosted odds! Wednesday is very often equipped with a nice program of games in the NBA, and tonight we have three big Playoff games on the menu. Enough to take advantage of many potentially interesting odds to play. The idea, each week, will therefore be to find and offer you the small rating that is going well, boosted as it should be.

Like every year, we will offer you – throughout the season – some advice to guide the more players among you, in the hope that it will be useful to you. The objective is clear: break our partner’s bank BetSport ! But never forget to gamble responsibly, which means only betting money that you can afford to lose. Hashtag don’t do the boloss, you know.

For your first bet, up to €200 in free bets to receive!

If you open an account with ParionsSport Online, if you deposit €200 (maximum bonus) and if, for example, you play these €200 on odds of 2.00, you can have €400 in your account, if it goes well of course. And if it doesn’t pass, your deposit will be refunded to you in the form of free bets which will be credited to your account. So ? What does one say ?

The boosted rating of the day

Kevin Durant finished top scorer in the Celtics – Nets match (odds of 2.80 boosted to 3.30): Kevin Durant has revenge to take after his mediocre performance in Game 1 (23 points on 24 shots attempted). The Nets are down 1-0 against the Celtics and better win tonight if they want to avoid finding themselves in a very uncomfortable situation. These are two reasons that could push KD to explode on the floor of TD Garden and thus finish as the top scorer of the game. So of course, there’s competition with his friend Kyrie Irving, Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. In addition, the defense of Boston is ultra solid unlike that of Brooklyn. But usually, when Kevin Durant is expected at the turn, it ends with a huge attacking card from the guy. The base odds on this bet are 2.80, but we wanted to boost it and it is finally set at 3.30. The opportunity is beautiful. Last detail to keep in mind, the maximum bet on this boosted odds is 50 euros.

Evening matches

  • 01:00: Celtics (1.65) – Nets (2.35)
  • 2 a.m.: Raptors (2.05) – Sixers (1.83)
  • 03h30: Bucks (1.19) – Bulls (5.30)

That’s all for today. Hopefully these tips will bear fruit. See you tomorrow at the banker for the opening of the PEL.

The odds offered in this article are likely to go up or down between the time these lines are written and the time they are read. We therefore give this advice as an indication and subject to the odds being always available, without ever guaranteeing the result (no, we are not yet guessers).

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