Update of Groupe CH’s Respect and Consent action plan

MONTREAL – Today, Groupe CH presents the orientations and objectives of its Respect and Consent action plan.

This strategy will allow the company to act within its organization and with the community, in order to contribute to awareness and education of the concepts of respect and consent and the serious consequences of cyberviolence sexual. This action plan is based on two areas of intervention: the internal environment of Groupe CH and the external and community environment. This plan also benefits from an initial investment fund of $ 1 million set up by the company.

« We want to make sure that our actions will be part of a concerted approach that will bring positive change within our company and in the hockey community », explains Geoff Molson, owner, president and CEO of the Club de hockey Canadien. . « We are proud that our business and community partners are joining us for this important action plan. »

An advisory committee made up of members of the organization, long-standing partners and committed stakeholders supports the company in its approach, formulating advice and recommendations on the action plan and the resulting initiatives (see appendix) .

Internal environment

  • Within Groupe CH, members of Operations Hockey for Canadians as well as all employees have already started to receive training in respect and consent and on the concepts of sexual cyberviolence, in line with our fairness policy, diversity and inclusion and in line with the values ​​of our organization.
  • We are continuing our efforts to hire women in key positions within the Hockey Operations sector, in order to improve the daily actions and management of our hockey teams from a new perspective.

External environment

Keeping in mind that athletes are role models for their peers and young people, the organization is committed to raising awareness and educating young people on the concept of consent, on respect for others, and on serious consequences. cyber sexual violence.

  • In collaboration with aid and prevention organizations and the Quebec hockey community (Sport-Aide among others), we are developing a prevention program aimed at young hockey players. This project will bring about positive and lasting changes in hockey culture.
  • Financial support is also given to proven initiatives of recognized organizations that work on prevention, awareness and education in schools on the subject of cyberviolence sexuality.
  • These efforts will enable Groupe CH to become an ally in the promotion of respect and consent. We will be speaking with our partners, in order to amplify their messages and thus educate supporters of Canadians and the public on this important social issue.

Consultative Committee

Genevieve Paquette
Vice-President, Community Engagement and CEO of the Foundation
Canadian Hockey Club

Genevieve Boisvert-Pilon
Sexologist and psychotherapist
Marie-Vincent Foundation

Serge Boivin
Youth police intervention consultant

Sylvain Croteau
Managing Director and Co-Founder,

Brigitte Dagnault
Assistant Vice-President, Marketing Canada
Sunlife Financial

Ryan frank
Director, Funding, Partnerships and Events, Community Engagement and Foundation
Canadian Hockey Club

Diane Lafontaine
Vice-President of Communications and Marketing
FTQ Fund

Melanie Lemay
Quebec against sexual violence

Justine Masse
Manager, Marketing Communication, Community Engagement and Foundation
Canadian Hockey Club

Sandra petosa
Senior Vice President, Talent, Culture and Diversity
CH Group

Rob ramage
Director of Player Development
Canadian Hockey Club

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