Unusual – When a truck turns into a safety car! (+ video)


A truck as a safety car? This is the unusual image of the weekend on the German Nürburgring circuit in LMP3 Germany.

It’s not rare to have to images surreal during a sports weekend automobile. Whatever the category, the social networks are full of these videos. This is the case of the account twitter @mar_Bond who found a new nugget coming straight from Germany.

The safety car, an institution

The safety car is a tool essential in all car championships in the world. In Formula 1, two builders share this role.

This is the case of mercedes with the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series but also Aston Martin with the Aston Martin Vantage.

With the arrival electrics in automobiles, some categories see changes in the Safety Car. As in Formula E which had seen the MINI Electric during the 2020/2021 season. But sometimes, we may end up with a few surprises.

A truck as a safety car

The image unusual of the weekend comes straight to us from Germany. In fact, when running the famous Nürburgring circuit, an engine quite special took on the role of the safety car.

A big truck ended up on your mind of platoon, as you can see on the video below. A picture surrealist when we know behind that there are LMP3as part of the Prototype Cup Germany.

Under the hood of this big racing truck, 1,600 horsepower. If on paper it may seem sufficient to lead the LMP3 queue behind, it’s far from being the case.

If the prototypes have 460 horsepower less, they are much lighter and above all have a chassis much more efficient.

It is not the first time

That is not here first time that we see a machine particular enter the track. If in this case it is truly of a safety car, it has already happened in history that cars find themselves on a circuit while the pilots were coming at full speed.

Remember, it was in Formula 1 during the season 2013. After an accident, the car Mark Webber (Red Bull) started to flare up.

If the driver was able to get out of his single-seater in time, the Austrian car was still on the side. It was then that a vehicle of service of the Yeongam circuit in South Korea arrives on Track as the peloton tumbles over 300 km/h. An incident without consequence but which will have around the world.

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