Unstoppable, Victor Wembanyama continues and makes the US salivate!

Spared from injuries in recent weeks, Victor Wembanyama is starting to find his stride at ASVEL, and not just a little. After slamming his career-high in the league a few days ago, the French prodigy did it again in the EuroLeague, in front of the astonished eyes of the American experts!

Called to confirm the great promises he had hinted at Nanterre last year, he will have finally spent most of the season in the infirmary. Regularly injured in recent months under the colors of ASVEL, Victor Wembanyama has not lost his talent. Back in physical form recently, the young French interior multiplies the boxes noticed!

Wembanyama flames in EuroLeague, the US subjugated

A few days ago, Wembz literally caught fire against Portel, and signed his career best in Betclic Elite. For his return to the courts, he did not give up his warm hand, and this time blazed on the European scene. The announced future n°1 of the NBA Draft showed off his full potential against Olimpia Milan, this Thursday, with a career-high in the EuroLeague!

Unfortunately for Wembanyama, his 18 points (4/5 to 3 points) and 6 rebounds were not enough for his team to end their European season with a victory (80-81). However, they allow him to end this continental campaign on a high note. Thus, in his last 3 games in the competition, the great French hopeful posted averages of 12.3 points (61.1% at 2pts, 57.1% at 3pts), 4.7 rebounds and 3 blocks!

No wonder, therefore, that the many international scouts who monitor him have been on fire in recent hours. Vedran Modrić, consultant for the Croatian selection, for example split on Twitter a magnificent comparison for the 18-year-old big man.

Victor Wembanyama. Imagine Giannis with a much better jump shot. It will be Wembanyama in 3 years in the NBA. It’s hard to imagine how dominant he’s going to be when he thickens up physically.

Still on the social network, Sam Vecenie, the Draft expert for The Athleticbegins to no longer find the words to define the villeurbannais phenomenon!

It’s getting hard to overdo it on Victor Wembanyama.

After these two successive bursts in the space of a few days, it will be interesting to follow the end of the season of Victor Wembanyama in the championship. The French star could indeed play a big role in ASVEL’s run for the title!

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