Unstoppable, LeBron gets angry and drops a historic performance!

Still determined to carry the Lakers to victory, LeBron James released a new historic performance this Friday. His victim? The Wizards, who couldn’t do anything to stop the King. On arrival, this gives a feat never seen in history, especially for a 37-year-old player.

Annoyed after the Lakers’ recent losing streak, LeBron James decided to get angry in order to end the season well, and validate the ticket of his franchise in play-in. In front of his audience this Friday night, he achieved another absolutely insane performance against the Wizards. One thing to remember? 50 points, again.

The never-before-seen feat of LeBron James!

In less than a week, the King has just hit the mark of 50 units for the second time, all at 37 and 18/25 shooting, 6/9 from three points. The victory is at the end on the score of 122-109, and allows the Angelinos to find success. But for the Akron native, it’s a resounding achievement.

LeBron James is the first player in NBA history to record multiple 50-point games after turning 35.

What you have to understand is that age makes a difference. Scoring 50 points is not uncommon in the NBA, although not everyone is capable of it. But to see that for a player over 35, and in the case of LeBron, 37, it’s an incredible feat of longevity. The most important thing is that the victory is there, which must delight the principal concerned.

Another stat to remember? LeBron’s franchises are 12 straight wins when he scores 50 points. The proof that it is effective, and that it’s not just for show:

For the second time in a week, at 37, LeBron James hits the magic bar of 50 points, just like that. A magnificent performance for the King, which offers success to the Lakers, who badly need it. The end of the season promises.

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