Unprecedented in more than 20 years and a big concern: funny evening for Westbrook!

A big victory that feels good. This Sunday evening, still without LeBron James, the Lakers played their basketball game against the Spurs. An easy success on the score of 123-92, with a run of 34-20 in the first quarter. No worries with a super Anthony Davis, although Russell Westbrook worries. However, he has achieved a great feat…

3 wins in a row is the excellent record of the Lakers over the last week of competition. It’s not perfect yet and yet, Darvin Ham’s men have a record of 5 wins for 10 losses. We will have to confirm this awakening, especially when LeBron James will return to the court once he recovers from his injury. That was not the case against Spurs on Sunday night.

Concern for Russell Westbrook!

No worries for the King, since Anthony Davis takes care of everything. Already sparkling in his last game, the former Pelican dropped 30 points and 18 rebounds on Gregg Popovich’s men. The coach was also absent from the match, ill. Russell Westbrook, he was injured in this part with a thumb problem. He finished with 10 points, 10 assists and 4 rebounds in 22 minutes.

Lakers coach Darvin Ham says Russell Westbrook was assessed for his right thumb after the game and will be checked again on Monday. Westbrook left the room with a bandage on his hand.

Initial feedback from the Lakers confirmed that Westbrook’s injury was not serious. In any case, the imaging did not reveal anything, even if we will have to wait for a return from the medical staff in the coming days. Without LeBron, losing Russ would be a hell of a blow in the City of Angels.

Now sixth man, Brodie has revived with his Angelinos. The proof with this new brand in history:

Russell Westbrook has recorded at least 10 assists coming off the bench in 4 straight games. He is the first player since Muggsy Bogues (1990) to achieve this.

A good match for Russell Westbrook, despite this injury. We are now awaiting news of the player, while the Lakers are counting on him for the future. It is clear that his new role works perfectly under the leadership of Darvin Ham.

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