unpaid salaries and transfer allowances … the big financial galleys of Inter

Before the shock against Juventus on Sunday night on behalf of the 18th day of Serie A, Inter Milan faces serious financial difficulties. The salaries for the months of July and August have still not been paid to the players. Ditto for the first installment of Achraf Hakimi’s transfer to Real Madrid.

Inter Milan in the hard. Not on the ground where Antonio Conte’s team is in 2nd place in Serie A before facing Juventus on Sunday evening for the shock of the 18th day. In the league, however, the Nerazzurri are in the red financially. If the Covid-19 crisis hits all of European football, it has had a strong impact on the finances of the Lombard club. Faced with the economic crisis, Beppe Moratta, Inter’s sporting director, and Alessandro Antonello, general manager, brought together the players and staff on Saturday in an informal meeting on the sidelines of the training session.

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Crisis meeting with the players

The two Nerazzurri leaders tried to reassure Conte players whose salaries for July and August have still not been paid, reports La Republica. Moratta and Antonello assured them that they would be paid well by February 16. Romelu Lukaku’s partners did not ask their leaders any questions but gathered among themselves at the end of this meeting. According to the regulations in force in Italy, the Lombard club is exposed to loss of points if it does not respect its commitments.

Real agrees to postpone the first payment of compensation for the transfer of Hakimi

But Inter are not only having difficulty paying their players. The 2010 European champions are also struggling to settle the bill for the summer transfer window. The Milan club have negotiated with Real Madrid the postponement of the first payment concerning the transfer fees of former Borussia Dortmund player Achraf Hakimi. Inter management has until March 30 to pay 10 of the 40 million euros negotiated this summer with the White House for the departure of the Moroccan international (22). The first installment was initially scheduled for December.

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