Unleashed, the “god” Kevin Durant charred the “clown” Charles Barkley


Kevin Durant was still in great shape this Friday with a simple but effective performance in the victory over the Raptors. Very confident after the meeting, the Nets player distinguished himself on social networks with a new XXL tackle on poor Charles Barkley.

It’s no coincidence the Nets are doing much better since the controversy ended Kyrie Irving… After a catastrophic start to the season, marked by the suspension of the leader but also by the dismissal of Steve Nash, Brooklyn finally finds some continuity in the game, in the rotations, and the team posts an excellent record of 7 wins for 2 defeats in the last 9 meetings.

And the most interesting thing is that there is still plenty of room for improvement, since Ben Simmons is not at his best, even if he is close to it, Joe Harris is in big trouble from 3 points, which probably won’t last, and TJ Warren has only just started his season after a long injury . If everyone gets in tune, this team won’t make anyone laugh in the playoffs.

Kevin Durant is still paying Charles Barkley!

Especially since Kevin Durant remains an exceptional player, who also tries to set an example in defense. On the good period of the Nets, he turns to 29 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists, but also 2 blocks! Proof that all is well for him, he has also regained his intensity on social networks, proof with a new tackle leaning on Charles Barkley.

Charles Barkley: I like Kevin Durant, he’s a great player. He’s a good guy too, but he lacks too much confidence. He gets angry when an old man like me says he has to win a title somewhere other than Golden State. He was offended by this comment.

Kevin Durant: This clown does not have the necessary authorizations to speak about the god. We never had any interaction in real life…

After a new comment from Charles Barkley about him, Kevin Durant has seen fit to put the dots on the « i » with an attack on this Hall of Famer he sees as a clown. Either he provokes a joke or he makes observers understand that a man who has never won the NBA title cannot talk about his rings. In any case, it was a dry and brittle message.

Kevin Durant is a simple man, he likes to play basketball, spend time on the networks social, and he is as strong in one area as the other. The Nets have to hope he keeps that mindset through to the playoffs, where he could still hurt.


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