Unleashed, Draymond Green adds a layer and tackles the Celtics!

It’s a great rivalry that has just emerged in these finals, between Draymond Green and the Celtics. The interior did not necessarily appreciate the mockery of the opponents, but decided to use it to become even better. So now that the title is won, Green is completely unleashed. After tackling a star squad, he mocked the franchise with a pretty plain t-shirt.

If there is one who is happy with the coronation of the Warriors over the Celtics, it is certainly Draymond Green. First of all, it’s a title for him, which should please after a few complicated years with Golden State. But the flavor is special for the interior, which has not played its best basketball in these finals, to the point of being mocked by opposing supporters. Problem ? It’s not necessarily the best idea in the world.

Like other great players, Green uses these statements to become even better. He did not come back 100% of course, but there was progress, and the mockery of the fans mainly motivated Steph Curry and company. Now that the title is won, the Dubs can logically break free. In the locker room, shortly after the title and completely drunk, it was the Chef himself who dropped a punchline.

Draymond Green freewheeling against the Celtics!

However, he is not the only one to make fun of the adversaries, since Green wants to put his grain of salt. On his last outing, he therefore did not hesitate to make fun of the Celtics, but especially from Jaylen Brown with an old tweet, dating from last January. He did not want to stop there, since arriving in California this Friday, the player had a message to send to Boston, all with a t-shirt.

If the Celtics wanted their 18th title, it won’t be for now. Instead, we can see a mention of the Warriors, who really ruined the party. Something to amuse Green, who seems delighted to have beaten Boston in these finals, and that’s an understatement.

This guy must be crying

Beat the Celtics? Draymond Green is delighted, to the point that he continues to tackle the opposing team. It’s the game, especially after the many mockeries of the supporters opposite. Be careful though, because a rematch is quite possibly next year. If so, it will be explosive.

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