UNITED STATES. A young Haitian designer of a sports car

Claudy Meo François, a young Haitian technician and entrepreneur, seduced Twitter on July 4 by presenting the prototype of a sports car he designed.

NOTwas at Cabaret and having grown up in the plain of cul-de-sac and Titanyen, he experienced precariousness and suffering very young, like thousands of other Haitians. Claudy Meo François, now 28, has just presented a sports car he designed himself, the first from his company Markandal S.

Claudy Meo François likes to work out of sight, « so as not to be distracted », he says. Between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, he carried out his first technological project, a multitasking machine serving at the plantation. “I invited her with the support of the company I work for. A machine that can plant both wheat, maize and beans etc. Unlike the one we used and which only performed one task, ”he explains to Loop.

His most recent project, a sports car that he presented on July 4 on Twitter, dazzled many users of the networks who showered him with praise. In the words that accompany the photos of the vehicle, François indicates that he « designed » this project in order to highlight the intelligence of his Haitian compatriots.

 » I am proud to have developed this idea for you! Let’s put our abilities, our intelligence together! I love you all“, he wrote as a caption to the photos that have gone viral on the blue network.

Photo put on Twitter by Claudy Meo Francois

François tells us that he didn’t have a clear path, but that he was able to get away from the difficult life that was predestined for him. At 11, he was taken in by a friend’s parents. His mother could not keep him at home because, he tells us, his stepfather did not want him.

At the age of 13, the little one was accepted into the Mission of Hope program in Titanyen, which accommodates him and pays for his schooling. A decisive turning point.

“This mission has played a big role in my life. She paid for my schooling up to third grade. She also gave me other opportunities such as learning English at a very young age and also work within the structure. This allowed me to travel before I turned 18 in the United States, to defend their mission with donors,” he confided to Loop Haiti.

While studying and working in the mission, he discovered a passion for mechanics and learned the secrets of the trades from comrades. He was not satisfied with this and also took up electricity. Ambitious, he wanted to go further and go to American university while he was still in Haiti with a visitor’s visa in his pocket.

Later, despite the hardships, he decided to pay for his education and ended up fulfilling his dream by gaining admission into the AG Diesel Mechanic Technician program at Alexandria Technical College. They’is thus installed at Minnesota in 2017 to finish his studies and make his mom proud.

«  Every time I spoke to my mom about my academic achievements, the things I’ve achieved, I felt like it wasn’t big enough. She was of course happy but I did not see the star.twinkle in his eyes. I thought I was going to build a car. It’s fromat what is ne makandal“, he says with enthusiasm.

To design this sports car, launched on July 4 during a parade, it took him two years (2020-2022). Alone in his workspace, he designed and assembled it with his own hands, despite some discouragement, particularly from those around him.

Once, he recalls, for example, someone even compared the start of his work to a coffin, which discouraged him for at least two weeks. « I had stopped buying materials to finish it,” he told us. But everything was about to change after listening to words from Elon Musk.

“A speech by Elon Musk made me regain my confidence. He said he worked 16 hours a day on his projects. So I said to myself: it does not matter, if my car looks like a coffin, I can rework it. Now I already have plenty of orders.”

Claudy Meo François intends to officially launch his car on the American market before the end of this year.

Eberline Nicolas

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