Ultra-clutch against the Wizards, Nicolas Batum praised!

The Clippers were scared this Wednesday during the reception of the Wizards at the Crypto.com Arena… But while his team was back to the wall, Nicolas Batum came out of the woodwork to put an ultra-clutch and decisive shot. It was logically praised by the experts.

The two Los Angeles teams couldn’t be more different than they are today. On the one hand there are the Lakers, with all their stars, the prestige that goes around the franchise, and on the other there are the Clippers, deprived of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, and whose fans don’t expect much without the two All-Stars. And yet, it is the latter, diminished, who are having the best season.

Thanks to a perfectly oiled collective, the men of Tyronn Lue chain the good results, and they point to the 8th place of the Western conference, rather largely in front of the Purple and Gold, who are them in the 9th place. And this Wednesday, the Clippers won again, thanks in particular to an ultra-clutch shot from Nicolas Batum in the last minute. It was he who offered the decisive advantage to his people, and he was praised by a journalist from the famous media Sports Illustrated.

Nicolas Batum gives the Clippers the decisive advantage

If everyone abandons you in life, Nicolas Batum will still be there.

Nicolas Batum is not necessarily the greatest scorer or the most aggressive player on the offensive level, but in hot moments, when his team needs a decisive shot, the boss of the France team always responds. . Against the Wizards, for example, he took only one shot in the last quarter, the one that gave his team the victory. An occurrence that could become regular if we are to believe his post-match statements.

April is coming. The playoffs are coming. We’re all tired, but it’s time to step up the pressure.

Nicolas Batum feels the playoffs are coming, so he decided to put the pressure on, like his teammates. He was decisive against tox Wizards, while respecting their role in the collective, that’s also being a great leader. And if Kawhi Leonard returns this year, watch out for Los Angeles!

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