Ukraine: Relive the sad elimination of Bleuets in the quarter-finals of the Euro


10:53 p.m .: Well, you won’t mind me skipping Sylvain Ripoll’s talk. The world is already sad enough as it is. Have a good evening, good luck for those working tomorrow, happy holidays for the others! Kisses

94th: Curtain! Les Bleuets once again manage to scuttle themselves well, yet with a workforce to make the Saudi billions green with envy…

88th : There is nothing more predictable than the France Espoirs team, it’s extraordinary. But quiet, Sylvain Ripoll has been there for six years, let’s not change anything.

86th: The magnificent dive of Bondarenko for the goal of the break!!! Go it’s good, it’s folded, thank you, good evening.

84′: Lazarenko’s blocked shot almost ended in the back, corner for Ukraine.

83rd : The scud of Amine Adli, it goes over.

82nd : Ah well no, the Montpellier player was offside on this recovery after a first save from Trubin following a fine header from Kalimuendo.

81st: The equalization of Elye Wahi!!!!

80th : Kalimuendo comes into play in turn in place of Cherki, much less brilliant than in the first period.

78th : What a purge this second period of the Blueberries. I’m telling you right away, it’s out of the question for it to go into extra time.

75th : Nice control oriented back to the goal from Adli, who continues with a tight shot well captured by Trubin.

74th : Triple changes on the French side. Simakan, Gouiri and Thuram out, Gendrey, Wahi and Adli in.

72nd : Slight computer bug live from my home, sorry. But if it can reassure you, you have nothing, but then nothing at all missed.

66th : Nice little dive from Barcola, well launched in depth, but the Lyonnais was in an offside position.

63rd : Well, Simakan still seems to have taken a lot of trouble on this one, maybe not so bad after all.

63rd : Sikan replaces Kryskiv up front, who had a card. He returns and eats a yellow (again very severe) for his first ball touched. The ref is on fire tonight!

61st : All French impotence summed up in this distant strike, without hope, from Ryan Cherki.

59th : A quarter of an hour passed and we still haven’t seen anything from the Blueberries so far.

58th : Yellow also for Thuram, but totally deserved this one, after this nasty tackle from behind on a Ukrainian.

10:14 p.m. : The referee is really light… Where is the fault (and yellow card) for Vivcharenko??? His tackle was clean, it was Kalulu who impaled himself on him three seconds later.

51st : Kryskiv’s big knee on Kephren Thuram, logical yellow.

49th : Ah Le Fée dragged on too long when receiving this ball at the entrance to the Ukrainian area… Recovery of the defense which can revive itself cushy.

48th : Here’s the murder weapon, Detective.

46th : Come on, we’re back! Les Bleus have at least 45 minutes to score a goal or more. This is the first time that the Bleuets have been behind in this Euro Espoirs.

45th : It’s incredible to lead and give such a feeling of ease to finally crack on two chances and find yourself behind at the break… Come on, let Ripoll push his mouth and come back. See you soon !

43rd: The buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut of Kashchuk!!!

What an opening from Mudryk in depth, Sudakov is ALONE and goes to dribble Chevalier before finishing with a flat foot. But are we talking about the alignment of the defense on this one? Nkounkou and Lukeba are strawberry, it’s limit pro fault there…

40th : Cherki is everywhere tonight, he runs in all directions, he directs the game, he goes down to defend. We can’t help but have regrets when we see him playing like that, too many bad spells for this player throughout a season. But when he decides to give his all, the boy is unplayable.

39th : Barcola and Gouiri have fun in the middle of four Ukrainians, football seems so easy when played like that.

38th: The post for Barcola!!! The roll from the right at the entrance to the area was splendid, Trubin was beaten, but the ball hit the post and rolled in front of the goal line…

36th : The sequence of maboulos of Blueberries!!! A touch of the ball, pim, pam, poum, the guys don’t need to look at each other, they sniff each other, it’s beautiful. Even if it does not work on arrival, this team knows how to talk to us.

35th : Cherki is in FIFA 23 mode, his price has just jumped to 80 million euros. Spit your money Nasser!

32nd: It’s confirmed and it’s the opposite! Ukraine is back in the game.

32nd : VAR control. On beIN, the guys seem sure that there is trouble, for me it’s light.

31st: Peno for Ukraine after this foul by Kalulu on Mudryk!

27th : Nice percussion from Thuram in the middle which spreads perfectly for Caqueret. the center of the Lyonnais was good but Gouiri is a tad too short.

25th: Trubin’s tap on this Gouiri head!

22nd: Watch out guys! Ukraine’s equalizing goal disallowed for offside. It would be stupid to spoil the festival earlier.

19th : Le Fée’s deep pass for Barcola, Lyonnais’s withdrawal, Cherki’s feint shot with whipped cream before finishing with the left foot, everything was magnificent in this action!


16th : What sucks is that The Fairy stays a little too much on the ground for my taste. Come on kid, tell us it’s not the knee!

15th: Superb tricolor movement once again, a Ukrainian is forced to dry Le Fée to prevent them from entering the sirface. Good kick to follow.

13th : That he is fine Le Fée in his transmissions. The guy invents non-existent intervals for you, it’s quite remarkable. Big blow from Stade Rennais who will enjoy the boy with the recovery.

11th : Olé the small bridge of Kashchuk on Nkounkou which launches a beautiful Ukrainian attack! Luckily Kalulu had come right back because Mudryk had a good chance to light a cut.

9th : They are far from being dead ends, the guys opposite, it combines quickly and well in the transition phases in the middle of the field.

7th: Turbin’s double save on these successive shots from Barcola and Cherki!

5th : That’s it, the technique of the French is starting to push Ukraine into error. Between Le Fée and Cherki, level touched by the ball we are good, as we say in the Calanques.

3rd : Ripoll looks angry on his bench. It is true that in terms of intensity, we are far from the minimum level required for the moment.

2nd : First pass (well) missed by Mudryk, the Ukrainian star of Chelsea, back from injury this evening.

1st : Quite chilling silence just before kick-off, it was time for it to start to, perhaps, wake it all up!

8:55 p.m. : There must be, what? 47 spectators approximately at the stadium. It will give a crazy atmosphere I think. Yum yum.

8:54 p.m. : The players arrive on the lawn of the Cuj stadium, in Romania. Ukrainians each wear a flag of their country on their backs.

8:46 p.m. : Les Bleuets are playing a semi-final place tonight against Spain. To achieve this, Sylvain Ripoll chose to trust Cherki, brilliant when he came into play against Switzerland. In defense, Simakan replaces Badé whose adductors have whistled in recent hours.

8:45 p.m .: Hi la mif and welcome to this quarter-final of the Euro Espoirs!

9:00 a.m.: Hello everyone

After a first round marked by three victories in as many games, despite a game that sometimes leaves something to be desired, the France team finds Ukraine, this Sunday in Cluj (Romania), in the quarter-finals of the Euro Espoirs. The two teams have already challenged each other in qualifying, and the double confrontation had turned in favor of the Bleuets, who had finished in the lead: 5-0 in Brest, 3-3 in Istanbul where the return match had been moved.

Sylvain Ripoll and his players are however wary of an opponent who has successfully negotiated his group stage. The Ukrainians finished 2nd in Group B, only beaten on goal difference by Spain, with whom they drew (2-2) after beating Croatia (2-0) then Romania (1-0) . Precisely, the winner of this quarter will meet the young Iberians (fallers of Switzerland on Saturday, 2-1 after extra time) on Wednesday in the semi-finals.

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