Ukraine erases Scotland and sees Wales!

End of the match: Ukraine will see Wales!

Ukraine wins an extremely important match in the race for Qatar and in a totally crazy geopolitical context. A 3-1 victory, well deserved, where the Ukrainians could count on many blue and yellow supporters, moved by this historic success!


It is the validation of a mission that will end, perhaps, in a week! Artem Dovbyk takes advantage of this counter-attack and the projection of all the Scottish players to win a daunting face-to-face! 3-1!

Zubkov close to scoring!

After a monumental job from Zinchenko in the midfield, Oleksandr Zubkov tried his luck but couldn’t find the target! The Scottish defense was on the street.


The Ukrainians will quietly be able to ward off the danger after this missed header from Grant Hanley.

4 more minutes!

The fourth referee indicates that there will be four minutes of added time! And corner for guests!

Ukrainians retreat

This end of the match really resembles an attack-defense between a Ukrainian block which continues to retreat in its camp and a navy blue wave, ready to do anything to equalize!

The tension is growing !

Shaparenko receives a new yellow card after this foul and the Scots will be able to bring danger into the opposing penalty area. The two players exchange a few sweet words before the set piece.

Releases of Yaremchuk and Yarmolenko

Dovbyk and Zubkov take their place!

McGregor as a hero!

Incredible return from Callum McGregor who steals the ball at the last moment from Mudryk’s feet! It was very very hot!


First failed outing and first goal for Scotland! And how important this goal is! Callum McGregor sees his goal validated after the referee’s watch vibrates and gives hope to his teammates!

Scottish opportunity!

Through Che Adams, the Scottish players have a great opportunity to close the gap. But Georgi Bushchan intervened on the strike of the Southampton striker! Important stop!

Two changes on the Ukrainian side

Mudryk takes the place of Tsygankov and Malinovsky leaves his to Shaparenko.

Gordon intervenes!

The Scottish goalkeeper is still decisive and surely prevents the Ukrainians from officially validating their ticket for the final of the play-offs! He folded at the right time on this opportunity from Tsygankov!

Two changes on the Scottish side

Hendry takes Cooper’s place. At the same time, Southampton striker Stuart Armstrong comes into play. Young Billy Gilmour takes the opposite route.


Scotland came close to reducing the score! But it was without counting the lack of lucidity of John McGinn who crosses his head too much. What a pity !

Fans get impatient

The supporters present at Hampden Park set the tone and ask their soldiers to show something else at the end of the match!

Missed opportunity for Scotland

That’s unfortunate ! Hickey had done the hardest on the right flank but his cross found no one.

McGinn warned!

John McGinn is logically punished with a yellow card after this foul on Stepanenko. The Aston Villa midfielder completely cut out his opponent.


The Ukrainian striker is finally flagged offside but this ability to be dangerous on each projection is a strength in this part.


This Ukrainian formation does what it wants! After some fantastic work from Zinchenko down the hall, Yaremchuk got ahead of the opposing defenders but saw his shot go wide.

Gordon attentive!

The Scottish goalkeeper remains attentive and wards off the danger on this corner.

Corner again

The center does not give anything but Ukraine obtains a new corner following this center blocked by Zinchenko, on the other side of the field.

Corner for Ukraine!

Visitors push and continue to keep orders on this part. After a great job on the left side, Roman Yaremchuk gets a corner.

Wonderful celebration!

The players all gathered alongside the visiting supporters to celebrate this break goal. A beautiful moment, combined with total excitement on the Ukrainian bench! A lot of emotions after this second achievement of the game.


This is the goal of the break! This is the goal of happiness! This is the goal of the play-off final against the Welsh in a few days!

After a great collective movement on the right side, Oleksandr Karavaev finds the head of Roman Yaremchuk who deposits a shot with his helmet in the opposing net. Gorgeous !

First change!

Christie has taken Dykes’ place in the center of the Scottish forward line! An amazing choice.

Let’s go !

The kick-off of the second period is given!

Half time!

At the end of an interesting first act and dominated by valiant Ukrainians, the Blue and Yellow return to the changing rooms with a one-goal advantage!

Yellow for Dykes!

The Scottish striker receives the third yellow of the game following this late charge on Stepanenko.

Opportunity for the Scots!

Here is a semblance of a reaction! Taking advantage of a bad delivery in the Ukrainian axis following a cross from Aaron Hickey, McGregor tries his luck but sees a new Ukrainian defender counter this shot.

No reaction for now

The Scottish players are struggling to react in this first period since the opener. The Ukrainian block is well in place and projects quickly forward to recover the ball.


This is perhaps the most important goal of his career! With this achievement, Yarmolenko brings to 45 his number of goals with the selection.


It is well deserved! Ukraine takes the lead in this part thanks to Yarmolenko, perfectly served by Malinovsky! The attacker wins his duel with a perfect dive!

New opportunity for Ukraine!

Scott McTominay does well to counter this cross from Vitali Mykolenko! The Ukrainian side could have served two of his teammates in the Scottish penalty area, free of any marking on this counter-attack. The corner that follows does nothing.

Yarmolenko on fire!

Andriy Yarmolenko, free for a few days, plays with two opponents before trying his luck from outside the area. Unfortunately for him, the ball leaks Gordon’s frame.


Here is a corner for nothing. Robertson finds no one in the penalty area except an opponent who heads the danger away.

First corner for Scotland!

The Scots will be able to bring danger into the Ukrainian penalty area. A first answer?

Yaremchuk Strike!

The Ukrainian striker tries his luck in the area, after a corner, but does not find the frame. Great start to the visitors’ game.

Scotland dominated!

Difficult for the moment for Andy Robertson’s teammates to exist in this part. The Scottish selection even almost conceded the first goal of the game twice but was able to count on its goalkeeper. Without the ball at their feet, the hosts see the Ukrainians building quietly.

Ukraine is pushing!

New parade of Gordon in two stages! Andriy Yarmolenko is at the conclusion of a great collective move from his teammates. The attacker tries his luck but see the Scottish goalkeeper make a great save!

New box!

Ruslan Malinovsky scoops the second cracker of the game. Maximum tension felt through numerous fouls in midfield.

The corner gives nothing

The corner ends in Gordon’s niche, so perfect at the start of the match.

Big opportunity for Ukraine!

Perfectly served from the right flank of the penalty area, Tsygankov tries his luck with a touch of the ball and sees Craig Gordon intervene!

Opposite left hand, the Scottish goalkeeper deflects the ball on the amount! Corner.

Scottish foul

It’s the turn of a Scottish player to stand out. Callum McGregor arrives late to Ruslan Malinovsky. No cardboard.

Yellow for Ukraine!

Already a warning in this part and it is for Roman Yaremchuk, well behind his intervention on John McGinn.

A lot of emotions !

Smiles, tears… here is the sublime cocktail composed by the supporters present at Hampden Park this Wednesday evening. It’s more than a football game!

The composition of Ukraine

Holders (4-3-3): Pyatov – Karavaev, Zabarnyi, Matvienko, Mykolenko – Malinovskyi, Stepanenko, Zinchenko – Yarmolenko, Yaremchuk, Tsygankov.

Kick-off !

Let’s go ! Despite the war and the crazy geopolitical tension, Ukraine intends to give a little temporary happiness to a whole people!

Crazy atmosphere!

Completely crazy atmosphere at Hampden Park! A sparkling Flower of Scotland rang out this Wednesday. But we must underline the enormous emotion of the Ukrainian players – each dressed in the national flag – at the time of the anthem. Gorgeous.

Goodnight all !

Ukraine is on mission this Wednesday evening! More than six months after their last official match, the Blue and Yellow will try to get closer to Qatar at the heart of massive geopolitical tension! It will be necessary to stuff Scotland in a magnificent Hampden Park.

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