UK: Man who touched Queen’s coffin will be tried on Monday

Prince Andrew, youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II who fell into disgrace after accusations of sexual assault, paid tribute on Sunday to hailed his mother’s « compassion » and « her confidence », on the eve of his national funeral.

With a letter, the Duke of York, 62, paid tribute not only to the Queen, the « mother of the nation », but above all to her « mum ». « Mom, your love for a son, your compassion, your care, your trust, I will forever cherish, » Andrew wrote. “I have found your infinite knowledge and wisdom, without limit or restraint”.

Often reputed to be the favorite son of the sovereign, who died on September 8 at the age of 96, Prince Andrew was banned from any official public appearance because of his friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and deprived of his military titles at the start of year after accusations of sexual assault on a 17-year-old girl, Virginia Giuffre. Threatened with a lawsuit in the United States, he put an end to the lawsuits by paying millions of dollars.

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