Ugo Ferrari crowned at Chaumont

The « last survivor » is called Ugo Ferrari. The rider from Chambéry won the 4and edition of the competition organized in Chaumont on Saturday. The winner achieved the feat of keeping the imposed pace for almost 21 laps. On the women’s side, the trophy went to Manon Bohard from Liesle in France who finished her race after the 12th loop.

An exceptional format

The race of the last survivor has been organized for four years on the heights of Neuchâtel. The principle is as simple as it is delusional. The participants set off at 6.30 am on a 3.33 kilometer loop for 386 meters of positive elevation passing through Chaumont. Runners have 30 minutes to complete the course. Those who succeed go back for a round, the others are eliminated. The race continues in this way until the last retirement. A format that appeals to the co-organizer, Isabelle Nonorgue:

A sometimes cruel test, arrived one second after the limit at 5and lap, Guillaume Racloz was unable to set off again for an additional loop. The runner from Neuchâtel looks back on this first experience:

Competition pushes athletes to surpass themselves and reach their limits. A rescue service is therefore essential to ensure the safety of participants. Mathieu Nonorgue plays the role of Samaritan during the competition:

Note that the 12 laps achieved by Manon Bohard constitute a new women’s record. On the men’s side, the record still stands at 21 laps, Ugo Ferrari’s last lap having been completed after the deadline.

A status still inaccessible

After four editions of the “last survivor” race, the organizers have not yet found their “finisher”. A status that will be granted to the first competitor who completes a total of 24 loops on time, ie 80 kilometers and 9,200 meters of elevation, in 12 hours of effort. /gjo

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