UEFA wants to organize a crazy new competition

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Decidedly, on the side of UEFA, we like great works. Between the recent creation of the Conference League and the total reform of the Champions League from the 2024/2025 season, the organization that governs European football does not hesitate to reshape its various tournaments to try to make them more attractive. and interesting.

That is according to The Guardian, UEFA now wants to completely reshape the European Super Cup. Currently, it’s a summer clash between the Champions League winner and the Europa League winner. This season, it was won by Real Madrid, easily overcoming Frankfurt. But in the future, there should be many more teams.

A surprise guest

A Final Four format is thus under study, with four teams therefore, with semi-finals and a final. A bit like what was done in the Champions League during the covid season, or what was put in place in Spain for the local Super Cup. Only, UEFA wants to open its borders, since in addition to the winner of the most prestigious of European competitions, we would also invite the winner of the Conference League as well as … the winner of the MLS.

Above all, this tournament would be relocated to American lands, hence the presence of the winner of the American championship. A way to obtain new income and export the competition to a potentially very interesting market for UEFA. However, it remains to be seen what the main stakeholders will think of it, the players, who already have to deal with an infernal schedule…

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