UEFA imposes limited fines on PSG, OM and Monaco

PSG will have to pay 10 million euros and Olympique de Marseille and ASM 300,000 euros each, amounts likely to rise to 65 million and 2 million euros respectively if they do not respect their commitments by the 2025/26 season, said the European body in a press release.

The three French clubs are among eight formations, qualified in 2021/22 for European competitions and subject as such to financial fair play, in the viewfinder of the UEFA Club Financial Control Body (ICFC).

Four Italian clubs and one Turkish sanctioned

AS Roma was thus fined 5 million euros « unconditionally », that is to say independent of its subsequent efforts to clean up the accounts, Inter Milan 4 million euros, Juventus Turin of 3.5 million euros, AC Milan (newly bought by the American fund Redbird) of 2 million euros and Besiktas of 600,000 euros.

If the four Italian formations and the Turkish club do not achieve the objectives defined with the ICFC, these amounts will rise to 35 million euros for AS Roma, 26 million euros for Inter Milan, 23 million euros. euros for Juve, 15 million for the Rossoneri and 4 million for Besiktas.

While most clubs have accepted a recovery plan over three seasons which only includes accounting commitments, AS Roma and Inter Milan have opted for a four-season agreement, which also prohibits them from registering new players for European competitions in 2022/23 and 2023/24.

Planned system overhaul

Introduced in 2010 to clean up European football, then launched into a mad race for debt, financial fair play prohibits clubs involved in continental competitions from exceeding a deficit of 30 million euros accumulated over three seasons – a rule relaxed for 2020-21 and 2021-22 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

But UEFA announced in the spring a vast overhaul of this system, intended to encourage the arrival of investors while limiting the flight of wages. For this, the authority will double the deficit allowed over three years for each club, and gradually introduce a very attenuated form of « salary cap », a rule dear to North American sports franchises (basketball, American football, hockey), but which It was impossible to transpose identically with 55 federations with different legislations.

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