Uber Eats, sponsor of the FFF, evokes the « indispensable » Mbappé

Arnaud Gouénard, Head Of Football Sponsorships Uber Eats France, spoke at the News Tank congress in Paris about the recent complications surrounding the Mbappé case in the French team on the issue of partners.

A major partner of the French Football Federation since May 2022, Uber Eats will support the Blues during the World Cup. The delivery platform will appear throughout the competition alongside the players of the French team through advertising spots recently shot with the men of Didier Deschamps.

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The goal? “Pre-empt media moments with large audiences around matches broadcast on TF1,” said Arnaud Gouénard, Head Of Football Sponsorships, Uber Eats France, to News Tank Football. In other words, Uber Eats intends to take advantage of the notoriety of the Blues and the love that the French have for this team to strengthen its own local roots and become essential in the world of football. To do this, it is better to have the stars in his pocket, starting with Kylian Mbappé. However, when it comes to his image, the Frenchman is quite tough in business.

« Star players are important »

After Mbappé’s new refusal to participate, initially, in a marketing operation in September, the Federation finally announced its wish to « revise as soon as possible » the agreement on image rights binding it to the Blues , hoping to extinguish this flammable file as the World Cup approaches. The next day, Mbappé took part in the photo shoot with the partners after threatening not to take part if things did not go his way. « The FFF told us: ‘Mbappé will be present on your shoot’, and he was there », confirmed Arnaud Gouénard (Uber Eats), invited to debate on the theme « Qatar 2022, challenges and activations of partners », at the occasion of Think Football 2022 organized by News Tank Football at the headquarters of 3F.

« We don’t put the players above the institution, he said. As a sponsor, we don’t have an individual contract with the players, we don’t allow ourselves to have individual requests. Yes, Kylian Mbappé is essential to the France team. We want to have regular players from the Blues, we want to have known players. We also want to have serenity and be sure that this campaign will go well. last over time, even after the World Cup. It’s not Mbappé who is essential. It’s the star players who are important. »

In its past partnership with the FFF, Uber Eats wished, she says, « to reaffirm our vision of an inclusive society carried by our company (diversity and inclusion, gender equality, fight against racism) and go beyond football. » A speech that may appeal to Kylian Mbappé. In the agreement related to image rights which will be revised, the 23-year-old striker wants to be able to keep the choice of brands with which his image is associated. What the federation assured him, promising to « work on the contours of a new agreement which will allow it to ensure its interests while taking into consideration the legitimate concerns and convictions expressed unanimously by its players ».

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