Tyus “Stones” Jones rolled over the Heat

You only have to take a look at the post-match interview to get an idea of ​​the atmosphere within the team. In the wake of their victory over the Heat, all of the Grizzlies happily came to surround the hero of the evening, Tyus Jones, interviewed on television. The point guard kept his seriousness while Jaren Jackson Jr. or Ziaire Williams clowned around behind him.

His passage in front of the camera was essential as the replacement impressed against the Florida team. Ja Morant absent on the field but very active in civilian clothes on the bench, he was tenured for the fourth time this season. And the usual lining has again responded.

Impeccable manager, he started the game very strong by attacking Kyle Lowry and the Heat defense. With the key, many “floaters” at the heart of a Heat racket which conceded 64 points overall. Clever from afar, the point guard also displayed his altruism by finding his shooters in transition or by showing good complicity with the other strongman of the evening for the Tennessee band, Santi Aldama.

«  He is a very good player, he is gifted. He can play pick-and-roll very well. He found the flaw in all our defenses, on the ‘switches’ or the zone. He was able to finish in the circle or find really open teammates “, describes Erik Spoelstra, who certainly did not expect such a welcome.

“He has a huge impact on our culture and in our success”

While he frolicked at the start of the game, Tyus Jones deliberately slowed down at the end of the game, so that the Heat did not find the rhythm to attempt a comeback. He nevertheless allowed himself an acceleration against Bam Adebayo to finish in the circle and give his team a ten-point lead, five minutes from the end.

He thus increased his total to 28 units (10/16 on shots including 3/6 from afar), a career record, with 10 assists, 5 rebounds, 2 interceptions, only 1 lost ball and 38 evaluation!

«  He had already played games without Ja but this was really his best game without him. He means so much to us, not just in this game, but every night. The state of mind with which he plays, whether he comes off the bench, whether he plays with the starters or the substitutes, his leadership, his development as a player and an individual… That’s why we wanted him come back “, enumerates Taylor Jenkins, in reference to its summer extension of two years for 30 million dollars.

 » I have said it in the past, I continue to say it: I see myself as a starter in this league. There’s no shame in that, I’m proud of my role in Memphis. When I get to start, I’m very confident in that role too, and I think my coaches are too. That’s part of the reason I’m here “, Completes the leader, well on his way to signing his best career season. When he started this season (4 games), he had 20 points (54% on shots including 52% from afar), 8 assists and 3 rebounds!

 » It has a huge impact on our culture and in our success, that’s why it’s called ‘Stones’ “, ends his coach. The nickname sticks to the skin of the leader since his university period.

Barack Obama even referred to it during Duke’s visit, winner of the NCAA title in 2015 with Tyus Jones as « MOP », at the White House.  » Yeah, that’s cool! It’s been a while now, I like that nickname! “, smiles Tyus “Stones”.

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