Tyrone Mings, new ambassador … Miter balloons!


Shortly after the FA Cup final, won by Liverpool at the expense of Chelsea, Mitre, supplier of balls for the competition has just announced that Tyrone Mings has become its new ambassador.

He’s not England’s most hyped player, some may not even know him, but Tyrone Mings seems like the perfect player to represent the Miter brand. No, it’s not a new brand hitting the football boots market, but Miterthe ball brand that equips the English Federation and in particular the FA Cup.

But then, why did Tyrone Mings become the ambassador of a soccer ball brand?

Mings x Mitre: on the same wavelength

Before becoming captain of Aston Villa, it is important to know that Tyrone Mings has experienced several levels of championship in England. From the Championship to the international scene and up to his first selections with the England team, the Villa player is today a man of experience who sticks to the values ​​that Mitre wishes to convey.

Tyrone Mings, Miter Brand Ambassador

tyrone mings ambassador miter

Thus, Mings appears in a campaign named  » different league which establishes Miter as a true football brand for young players by encouraging them to play and watch football. The fact of having introduced the Aston Villa player in the video then makes it possible to create the link between the amateur world and the professional world in which it is difficult to set foot there.

Outside the green square, Mings is a player who gives his time to young people. Indeed, the player offers, through his academy, professional quality training to young players aged between 6 and 16 years old. Miter supports this project by obviously providing the balls as well as the sports equipment to bring pleasure and accessibility to the future generation of the country.

It is all these values ​​that make Tyrone Mings seem like the perfect player to represent the brand. At the time of signing with the brand, he even said: “ In my opinion, you can’t talk about English football and all of its history without talking about Mitre. It has always been a brand that has been at the heart of the game. Some of my earliest memories of football as a child at Chippenham were with Miter balls and together we are committed to ensuring that more children play football for the love of the game.”


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