Tyler Skaggs file: 22 years in prison for Eric Kay

It will be remembered that the Tyler Skaggs file had caused a lot of ink to flow in MLB. The death of the pitcher, who took drugs he shouldn’t have taken, shook MLB.

In this case, Eric Kay was found guilty of having distributed to Tyler Skaggs the drugs that cost him his life. His sentence? At least 20 years old.

We did not yet have a precise sentence to announce, but here it is: Kay will spend the next 22 years behind bars.

The former Angels communications director is 48 years old. He will theoretically be 70 when he leaves prison.

It should be noted that Eric Kay was found guilty of one count of distributing drugs causing death and conspiracy.

Note that the lawsuit also included five other Major League players who said they received oxycodone pills from Kay.

So it was a pattern.

Hopefully lessons have been learned from all of this. After all, it’s a culture to change in Major League Baseball (and in the sports world) and the pitcher shouldn’t have died in vain. That would already be it, even if it can’t bring him back.

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