Tyler Herro takes a liking to the aggression towards the circle

In five games since the post-All-Star Weekend resumption, Tyler Herro is averaging 25.1 points per game, 51.1% on shots, including 44.4% from 3-pointers.

Averages much higher than those he posted over the whole season (20.6 points, 43.6% on shots including 38.2% from three-pointers), and which illustrate a progressive evolution in his game.

If the Miami back is on a very good momentum right now, it’s because he’s starting to make the changes necessary to make him a more effective forward.  » I think people know I’m a shooter. I shoot really well. But I think I’m more dangerous when I’m dribbling, when I’m attacking the circle or when I’m taking a shot out of the dribble from mid-range “Judged the sixth man of the Heat.

For five games, he has therefore put theory into practice: according to NBA.com, his average “drives” per game was 11.8 before the All-Star Weekend break. Since the return of the break, this average has increased to 13.4.

 » When I had a favorable mismatch, I made sure to take my shot at mid-range. I think those kinds of shots, with insides 2m10 or more behind me, are tough shots. So I’m going to end up in the circle instead, to try to score with the foul. […] When I feel good, I take my shot at half distance. But lately, I’ve been making sure to either take an open three-point shot or go to the circle, to cause the foul or create a lag for my teammates. »

Facing the Nets on Thursday, the new mentality of the back of the Heat did the damage: although clumsy (8/19, 1/5 behind the arc), he continued to be aggressive towards the circle and compensated for his clumsiness by an impeccable 10/10 on the free throw line.

Labeled only as a ‘shooter’ when he left Kentucky in 2019, Tyler Herro, in his third season in the NBA, is expanding his offensive arsenal. Favorite for the title of « Sixth Man Of The Year », he is working to become a more patient and mature attacker, less predictable and dependent on his mid-range and 3-point skill.

 » He attacks the circle with much more assurance, more authority. He therefore creates more contact, and he can take the hits, because he has made good progress physically this summer. appreciated his coach Erik Spoelstra.  » When Jimmy [Butler], bam [Adebayo] and now Tyler go on the line so frequently, it changes everything for us. It helps us to better control the matches. »

Cleaner in his decision-making, Tyler Herro has found the right formula for five games, and must now be able to sustain this level of play.

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