two Uckangeois supporters in court

It was last October, during the 6th round of the French Football Cup. The game opposing US Heillecourt against USAG Uckange 1923 had been stopped in the 88th minute of play
, while the Meurthe-et-Mosellans led 3-1. Overflows had broken out outside the field. Two Uckangeois supporters appear this Friday before the Nancy Criminal Court.

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Violence and death threats

It was an off-duty policeman, who came as a spectator, who warned his colleagues: he had just seen in the stands, a Uckangeois supporter with a telescopic baton, considered a weapon. When the police tried to arrest him, about fifteen people opposed it. Blows exchanged, insults, death threats against the police… According to the testimony of the leaders of the Heillecourt club at the time, hooded individuals sprayed tear gas, and broke barriers and handrails in the stadium.

Two Uckangeois supporters are finally arrested
, and returned to justice, for the introduction of weapons and fireworks into a sports arena, contempt, rebellion, violence and death threats against a person holding public authority, and possession of narcotics. They have been left free under judicial control
at the end of their police custody, but with prohibition to go to Heillecourt, or to attend a match of their Uckangeoise team.

The regional disciplinary committee of the Grand Est Football League had decided ten days later, in awarding the victory to Heillecourt. The club was then eliminated by SAS Epinal in the 7th round (4-0).

The hearing opens at 8.30 a.m. before the Nancy Criminal Court.

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