Two FC Gatineau soccer players recruited by a major Spanish club

The teens shone through earlier this summer at an identification camp with First Touch Football (FTF), a sports marketing company whose mission is to provide opportunities for Canada’s top talent. Result: the two friends will spend the next 10 months in Spain.

It’s nice to see that our accomplishments finally lead to something worse to do it with someone I really like, it makes the decision easierexplains Rafaelle.

For me, the decision was really clear that I would go, especially accompanied by one of my best friends and a teammate who I have been playing with for over three years now.adds Evelyn.

The two players are smiling with a trophy in their hands.

Èvelyn Parry (left) and Rafaëlle Robitaille-Bourgeois (right) pose for the camera following an FTF camp featuring Canada’s top 60 female under-18 players.

Photo: Courtesy: Rafaëlle Robitaille-Bourgeois

On the lawns, the two players occupy diametrically opposed positions. Rafaëlle Robitaille-Bourgeois stands out for her ability to torment opposing defences.

She has a kind of gift that unfortunately not everyone has. She had very good vision, she could make passes and goals from anywhererecalls Gilles Campeau, the manager of futsal programs for the Mont-Bleu Panthers.

She’s going to score goals where it looks like there are no chances, but she finds a way to create an opportunity and score a goal.confirms Ian Lepage, head coach of FC Gatineau’s U21 AAA women’s team.

For her part, Èvelyn Parry makes it a point to keep the ball outside her net, a task she accomplishes brilliantly as few goalkeepers from the Outaouais have done before her.

Evelyn as a goalkeeper is probably the best I’ve had in my teams. There were several games where she made key saves in close gamesinsists Mr. Lepage.

Take the leap to the pros

The next challenge for these two exceptional players, however, promises to be quite difficult against older players. In addition to their rigorous training schedule, the teenagers will have to learn Spanish in order to obtain their visa before making their official debut with their new team. All that, nearly 6,000 kilometers from the Outaouais.

We are happy with the experience she will have there, but at the same time, she is far away and she is just 17 years old.confides Nicolas Bourgeois, the father of Rafaëlle.

Surely we will go there twice: before Christmas and after Christmassays Anick Robitaille, his mother, laughing.

Barely arrived in Malaga at the beginning of September, the two friends were also entitled to a first day that they will not soon forget.

Our first day was horrible. We arrived late for our first practice, because our alarm didn’t go off and I fell unconscious! Because of the heat and we hadn’t had lunchsays Evelyn under the amused gaze of her new roommate.

Like what “there is no point in running, you have to start on time. »

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