two Cameroonians in the top 15

The NBA has just announced the 15 best players of the season. And if the Europeans are in the spotlight with three of them present in the first of the three batches of five (Jokic, Antetokounmpo and Doncic), the Africans are not left out, with in particular Joel Embiid elected pivot of the second five and Pascal Siakam strong winger in the third. By the number of votes, the first city should even have been in the top five, but the presence of MVP Jokic, also a pivot, relegated him to the second.

We also note that with these two players, Cameroon is the only country most represented outside the United States. At 28 both, Embiid and Siakam are currently at the top of their game and there is a chance that we will find them at the same level in the coming years.

The play-off table

Younger, the Congolese Warriors Jonathan Kuminga meanwhile received a few votes for the five major rookies (rookie players), but not enough to make it into the top 15. He is, however, still in contention for the NBA title.

Inexperienced at this level of the competition, he hardly played, except in Game 4 lost to Dallas where he released a good game sheet with 17 points and eight rebounds.

Easy winners of the Texans (4-1), the Golden States Warriors will face the Boston Celtics in the NBA finals, who finally beat Miami in seven games.

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