two Ain clubs qualified for the 6th round

Some went through a mouse hole, others let slip their qualification for the sixth round of the Coupe de France.

Of the six Indian clubs involved in this fifth round, two won their qualification. After the FBBP 01 (N1), victorious in Aix-les-Bains (2-1) on Saturday evening, it was the other favorite Ain Sud (N3) who had to work to overcome FC Foron this Sunday . Very quickly led to the score, and held in check at the break (2-2), the protégés of Jérémy Berthod managed to make the difference after the break to win (3-2).

The underdogs take the door

For their part, the outsiders have all been eliminated, like ES Foissiat-Etrez who suffered a heavy setback against FC Lyon (2-6).

Despite great performances, Veyle Saône (R3) and Montreal-la-Cluse (R3) were also taken out on Saturday evening by Bourgoin and Vaulx-en-Velin, two clubs which play three divisions higher.

The sixth round will take place next weekend.

THE RESULTS: FC Veyle Saône (R3) – FC Bourgoin (N3): 1-2; AS Montreal la Cluse (R3) – FC Vaulx (N3): 1-1 (tab 5-6); Aix FC (N3) – FBBP01 (N1): 1-2; ES Foissiat (R3) – FC Lyon (R2): 2-6; US Feillens (R2) – GFA Rumilly Vallières (N3): 1-2; FC Foron (R3) – Ain Sud (N3): 2-3.

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